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The best proposals to enjoy October 12, Hispanic Day in Alicante

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October 12 is just around the corner, so we propose the best plans to make for the longest weekend of October.

Enjoy the Hispanic Day at its best with the recommendations we give you to enjoy the city of Alicante on such a special day.

But first let's remember the history of the origin of this special day of celebration.


What is Hispanic Day and how do we celebrate it?

October 12, also known as Hispanic Day, is a national holiday in Spain, as well as the day of the Virgen del Pilar, patron saint of the country and Zaragoza.

Hispanic Day

In this National Day of Spain we commemorate an event that took place in 1492, in which Christopher Columbus set foot on America for the first time (although at first he thought it was India). This was the first contact between the new world and Europe and marked a milestone in the existence of both Americans and Europeans, as this discovery is the embryo of the colonization of America.

Hispanic Day, (previously called Race Day), was held for the first time in 1935 and was legally regulated in 1958. The idea of ​​matching the National Holiday of Spain with the discovery of America was the writer Ramiro de Maeztu, who in his article "La Hispanidad" highlighted the importance of both events and their celebration.

So since then we celebrate October 12, a day that also commemorates the Day of the Spanish Language, decreed by the ONU as an essential element of union of the Hispanic world.


Proposals to enjoy the October 12 in Alicante:

Now we know what and why we celebrate Hispanic Day; and for this reason, so that you can celebrate it in style, we are going to give you some suggestions so that you can enjoy the October holiday during your stay in our Hotel Montíboli and in your visit to the beautiful city of Alicante.

1- As you know, in Alicante the weather is always warm, so we recommend taking a walk around the city and enjoying the sun. One of the parks that is always a pleasure to visit is la Explanada, where you can enjoy the beauty of its majestic palm trees while you walk over the red, blue and white waves so characteristic of its floor. In la Explanada you can also find various craft stalls, as well as various cultural activities such as music and dance which is performed in the shell of la Explanada.

La Explanada Park in Alicante

2- If you decide to take a walk around la Explanada, you will see the masts of the sailboats of the port (as the port is parallel to the park). It is highly recommended to sit on one of the terraces of the port while you sunbathe and enjoy the beautiful view.

Alicante City Port

3- Another option that you should not miss is to stroll through the center of the city to see its most famous squares, such as the Plaza Gabriel Miró, the Plaza Los Luceros, the Portal de Elche or the Plaza de la Santísima Trinidad.

Plaza Los Luceros Alicante

4- Even in October, in Alicante you can enjoy the beaches of San Juan and the Postiguet, an emblem in Alicante.

El Postiguet Alicante

5- Another highly recommended leisure option is to see a play in one of the boxes of the charming Principal Theater of Alicante; or attend one of the concerts in the ADDA (The council auditorium of Alicante).

Principal Theater of Alicante at night

6- Do you know the tardeo? Basically the tardeo means, to go out with friends in the afternoon between the hour after lunch until it gets dark. Therefore, if you like to have fun, don’t forget to join this Alicante tradition and enjoy the afternoon by the old quarter of the city and its center, Calle Castaños.

Tardeo in Alicante

7- Enjoy the delicious Alicante sweet deserts, such as the anise rolls, the burnt bread, the coca boba or the well-known nougat of Alicante.

Nougats made in Alicante

8- Visit the two castles of Alicante, the Castle of Santa Bárbara and the Castle of San Fernando. Admire its architecture and the view of the city. To enjoy the sunset from the Castle of Santa Barbara is a pleasure for the senses.

Santa Bárbara Castle in Alicante

9- Take a tour of the Central Market, mingle with its people, observe the different stalls and buy the most typical products, such as salt-cured fish and meat or tasty oranges from the gardens of Alicante.

Front of the Central Market of Alicante

10- Tour the picturesque neighborhood of Santa Cruz, the oldest in the city, with its whitewashed houses full of flowers. Make a stop at the viewpoints and see the beauty of the city.

Old Picturesque neighborhood in Alicante

11- Conduct a wine tasting Denomination of Origin of Alicante and try the fondillón for the first time. The unique wine in the world, declared "European luxury wine" with a story behind it, that will leave you with your mouth open.

Wine Denomination of Origin Alicante

12- If you are visiting with children, the younger ones will enjoy the beautiful and surprising street of the mushrooms. You will feel inside a story right in the center and commercial area of ​​Alicante.

Street of the Mushrooms in Alicante

13- Try the rice. Any of its varieties will be exquisite, but if you try the wood fire you will not be able to forget it.

Wood Fire Paella

14- Visit the anti-aircraft shelters of the city and find out its history, without a doubt an experience that will not leave you indifferent.

Anti-Aircraft shelter of Séneca

15- Visit the the city’s various museums: such as the Bonfire Museum, the MARQ Archaeological Museum of Alicante, the MACA Contemporary Art Museum, the Volvo Ocean Race Museum, the MUBAG Fine Arts Museum, the Water Museum, the Nativity Scene Museum, the Bullfighting Museum, the exhibition hall of the fish market, the Museum of the University of Alicante MUA or the old tobacco factory of Alicante now converted into the Cultural Center Las Cigarreras, a wide range of options to choose from which will impress you.

Museum dedicated to sailing around the world in Alicante

16- Discover the Lucentum archaeological site, the Ibero-Roman remains of the ancient city of Alicante.

Lucentum arqueological site

17- Another option to visit in Alicante are its churches. They celebrate the October 12 with masses and offerings. You will find it interesting to visit the Cathedral of San Nicolás de Bari, the Valencian Gothic style Basilica of Santa María or the Santa Faz Monastery.

Valencian Gothic style Basilica in Alicante

Now you have more than 15 reasons to choose to spend Hispanic Day in Alicante. Celebrate the language and the culture in one of the cities with the most movement in the national territory and also enjoy its gastronomy and its incomparable climate.

Stay with us, visit Alicante and enjoy the October holiday at its fullest.

Are you still not sure…?

Happy Hispanic Day!

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