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Your Shopping Trips in Alicante

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Alicante is in every aspect, a large, comprehensive city. It is perfect for carrying out sporting activities, for having a great time in its inviting pubs and avant-garde discos. It is also great for trying the best tapas in its countless number of bars, for enjoying the latest movie releases and to lose yourself in the most current, innovative plays in the Main Theatre of Alicante.

Alicante Shopping

However, if you plan to go on a shopping trip in Alicante, you are in the perfect place to go shopping as you will find a great many shops and establishments of all kinds where you can get everything you need.

It has different areas for you to spend a full day shopping in Alicante. You can buy the latest fashion ítems, visit the most sophisticated jewellery stores, get the latest trends in footwear, try on the most elegant dresses and outfits for a wedding or special occasion, find suitable children’s wear for the little ones, among many other things.

In this link you will be able to download the brochure with the official map of the shopping route of Alicante.

Shops in Alicante

There are different shopping areas in Alicante. Different clusters of shops that you can wander around to find what you are looking for. The different areas in which the Alicante shops are divided into are Maisonave, the city centre, the Esplanade areas and the Market area.

Whilst the sales are on, we can’t forget to dedicate a little time to shopping.

Are you ready to go shopping in Alicante with us?


Shops on and around the Esplanade

Shopping along the Esplanade in Alicante

This commercial area can be divided into two sections of establishments. The first would start the begining of the esplanade until the old town of Alicante and the second towards the adjoining streets that are close to the city centre. In fact, it is the same Rambla de Alicante that divides both commercial districts.

Access to the old town of Alicante

Firstly, there are lots of narrow, parallel and perpendicular streets to the northern area of the Esplanade. Some of them being calle San Fernando, calle Gravina, la plaza del Ayuntamiento (Town Square) and the Calle Mayor.

It is principally an area focused towards restuarants and bars, although on the Esplanade you will also find other types of businesses such as jewellers, Travel Agencies and gift shops. 

All along the esplanade there are ice cream parlours and some hippie stalls where you can buy all kinds of goods such as necklaces, earings, scarves, etc.

Two streets parallel to the Esplanade in Alicante, you will find yourself in the beautiful old town. Along these historical streets you will find some great places to eat paella, such as the picturesque Plaza de la Santísíma Faz and the calle Mayor. Your attention will also be drawn to the cosy terraces warmed with heating in the winter and mist in the summer to cool the air. You will also love some of the establishments with live music throughout the day such as the Rincón del Alma on the calle San Pascual.

Alicante Esplanade

Once you have crossed the Rambla de Alicante, you will have reached the second zone that adjoins the Esplanade. From here on you will have left the old town (strictly speaking) and you will begin to reach the town centre. We are speaking for example about the south end of the calle San Fernando, calle Rafael Terol, plaza Gabriel Miró, calle Cid and calle San Francisco. The latter being very distinctive for the symbolic toadstools that adorn it. The lower side of this district is dedicated more to bars and restaurants, however as you go up towards the centre you will find all kinds of establishments. In fact, at the end of calle San Francisco lie the boundries with the Maisonave and town centre once you reach the plaza Calvo Sotelo.


Town centre

Alicante Theatre

Bordering with the more central streets of the Esplanade area, you will become submerged in the central district that has a similar selection of shops to the previous mentioned area although in greater quantity.

The town centre extends to the outskirts of the Avenidas Maisonave and Alfonso El Sabio. 

In this area there are numerous boutiques, many of them specialising in exclusive designs for weddings and special occasions. You will also find other traditional ladies and gents clothing stores (María José Miralles, Balazas etc).

Calle Frederico Soto in Alicante

If you are looking for baby or children’s wear, the street where the theatre is located offers great choice. There are also exclusive designer shops such as Lacoste and ones dedicated to teen clothes (such as Kent Cool) that are easy to find in this area. Other classic ladies wear shops are Gallery 13, Capriche, Marel Mujer.

And should you go shopping accompanied by a young girl, you won’t have any other choice but to go to “Claire’s” where you will be amazed by the huge range of accessories. 

Jewellers in the centre of Alicante are also a constant feature where you will find the best in gold and silver. In fact, the jewellers Amaya is one of the most sophisticated an elegant jewellers in the area.

As for restuarants in the area, we recommend Nou Manolín and if you like cocktails, at Nicks cocktail bar you will find the best creative cocktails in the whole of Alicante.


Maisonave District

Shops on Maisonave

We are in the heart of the Alicante shopping route. This extraodinary commercial area borders with the esplanade zone (southern side) and with the Market area at Alfonso El Sabio. It stretches from plaza Calvo Sotelo and avenida Doctor Gadea to the end of avenida Óscar Esplá, avenida Aguilera and avenida de la Estación. 

The central area is where the avenida Maisonve borders with the very busy shopping streets such as Pintor Lorenzo Casanova, Alemania, Reyes Católicos, Arquitecto Morell and the Avenida de la Estación among many others. 

At the begining of the Maisonave avenue you will find the first of the Alicante El Corte Inglés buildings, very commonly known as the former Galerias Preciados. The store specifically has jewellery related items, household goods, furniture and sportswear among many others. There is also the well-known Alicante Club Gourmet and an exclusive wine and spirts section where you can purchase distinctive wines produced in localities that most represent the region.

Maisonave area of Alicante

Leaving El Corte Inglés you will find top well-known brands available throughout the Street. There are also a few bars, always ideal for having a snack, a beer or glass of wine (Lizarrán, El Piripiri, etc).

You will be surprised by the elegant boutiques with outfits to suit all tastes and budgets as well as the more well-known franchises such as Zara, Pull & Bear, Stradivarius, Sfera, Mango, Massimo Dutti, Oysho, Desigual, etc. 

There are also several cosmetic shops which you will find on the Avenida Maisonave as well as a wide range of sportswear shops such as Base and Nike.  As for jewellery items, the Maisonave area also features one of the most distinguished jewellery stores in Alicante. We are talking about Suárez Jewellers which also offers authentic gold and silver items. 

At the other end of the avenue, you will find the second El Corte Inglés building where you will find fashion to suit all tastes.

If you are a huge fan of reading, at La Casa del Libro and FNAC you will find the latest best sellers in all categories. In FNAC you will also find the best merchandise in electronics, music and cinema. 

If you are looking to change your computer, tablet or mobile phone, the K-Tuin shop which is located on the Calle Alemania specialises in “Apple” products.


Market Area

Shoe shops in Alicante

This is an area that borders to the south with the Maisonave and central districts and extends up towards the streets surrounding the Alicante Market and north to calle San Vicente. It is the perfect place to find the freshest top quality products in the municipal market. There are also several supermarkets and greengrocers.

As for fashion, it stands out for its numerous shoe shops that offer something for everyone (Zapatería Carla, Saxo Zapatos, Caldedonia,...) and also for a few ladies wear boutiques and menswear shops (Sabrina, la Corona, etc).

On the outskirts of this area, if you wander up calle San Vicente, you will find different kinds of shops that conclude at the Alicante Bullring. Bardisa Bebés that specialises in children’s and babywear and the perfume shop Andrade for example.


Now you know that Alicante is always ready and waiting for you to go shopping. Are you set to go?

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