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Discover the Amadorio Reservoir, a visit to remember

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As we have commented on previous occasions, Villajoyosa is a municipality that has many benefits, and today we want to tell you about a highly recommended leisure option for you to enjoy whether you are staying at the Montíboli or just visiting the town of Villajoyosa and do not know what see or where to visit.

Therefore, we offer a good plan which can be enjoyed, either as a couple, with friends, as a family or alone; we are talking about visiting the Amadorio Reservoir, a beautiful walk through nature that you will undoubtedly appreciate.

This is an ideal place to enjoy a very entertaining morning or afternoon in Villajoyosa and get to know the one of Spain’s reservoirs closest to the sea.


The history of the Reservoir Amadorio

Amadorio Reservoir in Villajoyosa

The building of the reservoir began in 1947 and after 10 years of works, it was inaugurated in 1957, it began operating. The dam is 63 meters high and 318 meters long, its capacity is 16 hm3, it has an area of 103 hectares and is located between the towns of Villajoyosa and Orxeta; suppling water to Villajoyosa and the town of Benidorm.

The marsh offers beautiful views of the towns of Vilajoyosa, Benidorm and also the sea, while discovering and enjoying a very special fauna and flora. The flora that is found is very Mediterranean, pine, rosemary, esparto, oleander... also has a varied fauna, if you are lucky you can see herons, cormorants, perch, frogs, turtles, eagles, kestrels, rabbits, squirrels, foxes and even some boar.

The flow of Amadorio varies throughout the year, depending on the seasons, so that in every visit you can enjoy a different and new landscape.


Resovoir Amadorio Route

Amadorio marsh route starting in Villajoyosa

To know the Amadorio Reservoir in its entirety you will need at least 3h as it borders the marsh lands and its 16 km. This route is not at all difficult, does not have large climbs or descents, you can simply take a walk, it is not necessary either to do the whole route, you can go along some sections and enjoy it equally; Or stop to contemplate, practice mindfulness in a special place, take a picnic or fish, because fishing is allowed in boats without motor. We recommend if you visit it in hot weather, that you have the foresight to bring water to hydrate, sunscreen and comfortable shoes.

The reservoir has parking, there is a small recreational area in the shade where you can rest and if you go with children, they can play and have fun.

When arriving at the reservoir, you will see surrounding the dam, are two silos standing with all their majesty. When crossing the dam, you will be in awe of its majestic and impressive views due to its height. On the opposite side of the dam a tunnel awaits you, opening the door to the beautiful walk that awaits you.

Resovoir Amadorio Passage in Villajoyosa

The good weather that we have in Villajoyosa will help you enjoy a nice day of hiking or walking in the marshland. Once through the tunnel, you start the route, skirting the marsh while enjoying all its beauty and splendor, you come across a road without traffic, which you can continue on until the end, which leads to a road with traffic, although scarce, which takes you to the bridge of the main road that unites La Vila with Sella and Orxeta. At that point, you must decide if you want to venture on and make the entire journey in the direction of the dam (by a road with a small amount of traffic) or if you prefer to go back.

While you walk you will pass among pine trees, you will enjoy the silence, the peace and the peculiar landscape, you can do the whole journey walking, if you are a sports lover you can also do it by running, cycling, motocross, you can also practice fishing, enjoy photography or If you go with children and friends, practice geocaching.

Hiking Route Amadorio Reservoir

During the trip you will enjoy the spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea. From the reservoir you can see from the Cape of Huertas to Villajoyosa, El Campello and the Bay of Benidorm, as well as some beautiful old country houses in the area.

Do not wait any longer to discover this beauty created by man in the middle of nature that will undoubtedly impact you for its majesty, its views and for the contact with nature and beauty of this small corner of the Mediterranean coast.


Make this feature visit, it will be a walk to remember...

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