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How to make the popular Hotel Montiboli Christmas cocktail

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As you may know, 2018 has been a very special year for our hotel situated in Villajoyosa. Although the hotel won’t be open over the Christmas period (as we are implementing some improvements), we would still like you to remember us over the 2018 festive season. Therefore, we would like to give you a “small gift”. It is nothing less than our popular Christmas cocktail.

Christmas Cocktail

For many years, the Hotel Montiboli has offered its clients who spend Christmas at the hotel its popular Hotel Montiboli Christmas Cocktail. It has become increasingly popular and is always in demand during every day lunches as well as during traditional Christmas and New Year’s Eve dinners.

And so you won’t miss us too much during our short break, here’s the recipe for our Strawberry Fizz Champagne Cocktail with Amaretto. A very exclusive choice should you be planning a special dinner for either Christmas or New Year’s Eve. In fact, we are going to give you the perfect recipe for around 15-20 people.


Strawberry and Amaretto Fizz Champagne Cocktail

It consists mainly in preparing a delicious, mouthwatering homemade strawberry and Amaretto fizz. To do this, you will need a champagne glass into which you will add the frappé that you have made along with 10 centilitres of the best cava that you can find. But don’t worry, as we are going to explain step by step how to make the strawberry-Amarreto foam.

Christmas Cocktail by Hotel Montíboli

The recipe consists of mixing 50 centilitres of strawberry foam, 50 centilitres of cold water, 10 centilitres of hot water and 5 centilitres of Amaretto, 2 spritz of carbon dioxide and 4 fish gelatins.

Start by soaking the the gelatins in cold water and then squeeze out the excess water using your hands. Now heat the gelatin in 10 centilitres of hot water, then stir with a whisk.

Then using a siphon, add 50 centilitres of strawberry syrup along with 50 centlitres of cold water and then add the gelatin and hot water to the mix.

After closing the siphon, all that is left to do is add the two spritz of carbon dioxide and then leave the mixture in the fridge for 4 hours.

With the two spritz of carbon dioxide, the aim is to correctly form and define the foam. It would therefore be better to use the siphon first with the strawberry syrup and then with the carbon dixoide in order for the froth to take shape.

Strawberry Cocktail

If you don’t have a siphon and feel that you won’t be able to make this recipe, don’t worry, because should that be the case, we can give you a more homemade alternative. What a relief!

So, here goes! If you add a quarter of a litre of very cold milk and approximately a quarter of a litre of whipping cream to the strawberry syrup and then put the mixture into a coventional blender that you have at home. After blending for a few seconds, you will achieve a froth almost identical to a froth created using spritz of carbon dioxide. How easy!

When it is time to serve, divide the mixture into the 10-15 cocktail glasses. We also recommend that as an element of decoration, you add an emblematic forget-me-not flower. An edible flower that will add a great touch of elegance and which you can purchase in any confectionery shop.


We hope you enjoy this wonderful Christmas cocktail, courtesy of the Hotel Montiboli.


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