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Ideas for Winter weddings

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It is a fact that in our country, the custom is to celebrate weddings in high season. That means choosing the months between the beginning of spring and the end of autumn, discarding July and August for its higher temperatures.

Dresses for winter weddings

Therefore, if you lean towards the unusual, you can then consider weddings in the winter months when certain advantages can attract your attention. But it is precisely these days that we are going to focus on, in order to be able to offer you the benefits that come from marrying out of season.

Weddings in winter are different, and although initially you probably imagined your future celebration in a warmer season, the truth is that they have a series of advantages that can make your day something much more original and unforgettable.

Even so, outside of Spain, decorations for weddings that embrace the colder environments, have a very special charm and are very frequent. In fact, weddings in winter which highlight snowy landscapes, and Christmas decorations are very popular for the special atmosphere they create. It is a tradition that has begun little by little to arrive in our country.

In our Hotel Montíboli, we have been preparing the most romantic weddings by the sea for many years. Our excellent climate makes Villajoyosa an ideal place for these celebrations throughout the year, allowing us to create special weddings with charm.

Next, we are going to offer you a series of reason that will make you see off-season weddings in a different way.


1- You can have the most original weddings

Decorations for weddings in winter

If you decide to celebrate your wedding in winter and you want to impress your guests, maybe in the beginning you will not see it so clear, but once you see the originality, it will be much harder to forget your big day. You have the option to stand out, by offering a wedding decoration different from the traditional one. 

For this, ornaments based on typically winter objects are perfect, such as leaves, coloured flowers, even decorations made with the most typical Mediterranean products (oranges, apples, pomegranates, etc). 

Decorations that evoke the snow scene, even Christmas, can give an even more magical and romantic touch to your wedding if you decide to celebrate it in December. 

As for the photographs, there is nothing more striking than wedding photos in the countryside, showing that winter is latent with its cold landscape.

Also, something to remember, winter light is ideal for wedding photos at any time throughout the morning. As in our case, most weddings at the Hotel Montíboli, are usually held during the day. In addition, having fewer hours of light, the party usually lasts until late in the afternoon, creating an atmosphere very similar to the night time hours.


2- The beaches are empty

Winter Wedding on the beach

If you decide to marry in a coastal area, such as Villajoyosa, then beach weddings also have a great advantage: there are very few people and the space for the ceremony is always nice and clear. 

Due to the excellent weather that we have on the Costa Blanca during the 365 days of the year, weddings on the beach also have a large audience for these dates. 

We also have couples of different nationalities, who come to celebrate their ceremonies on our beach of La Caleta in Villajoyosa. They do so with the intention of taking advantage of these mild winter temperatures by saying the "I Do" at the Montíboli

In fact, we have weddings all through the year, as we offer very different spaces that adapt to any type of celebration and any season. Even so, the demand increases considerably, throughout the spring and autumn months.


3- You can “forget the rain”

Weddings at the Hotel Montíboli

Although it can rain at any time of the year, during the winter, it is much less likely than in spring and autumn. So, the high season for weddings is at the same time the rainy season. Therefore, if you get married in winter, our advice is that you focus your energies on other more relevant aspects regarding your wedding preparations.


4- Less wedding, more guests

Bride, Groom and guests at the church wedding

We're in the low-season, which makes it's much harder for your guests to claim to have other similar commitments once you give them your wedding invitations

You already know that in months of spring and autumn, in many cases weddings accumulate (in the case of May and June also Communions), and sometimes even several coincide on the same day.

Wedding in the Hotel Montíboli

But in winter, being the time of less demand, surely all the guests are available for you.


5- You can choose the day you want

Weddings in winter

Whether you get married in church or not, you will find it very easy to choose the place for the ceremony, and also the restaurant or hotel to celebrate your wedding banquet.

We remind you that our beach La Caleta de Villajoyosa, is always available if you celebrate your wedding with us.


6- You will certainly stand out with such a magnificent winter gastronomy

Winter wedding dish

In these less warmer months, there are many dishes that on other dates are not offered due to their seasonality. In addition, it is a fact that in colder areas, the tendency is to offer other types of options based on somewhat stronger foods, such as game meats. 

In our case, given that we are in an area where good weather prevails during practically the whole year, we like to make a difference in the garnishes, in the meats or in the fish. In addition, we have a very large audience, since the guests include all ages, and a somewhat strong dish may not be suitable for all tastes. For this reason, we prefer to play with the side dishes. 

Winter is a time for mushrooms, and predominately so, as appetizing products such as the boletus and the eccentric trumpet of death (a type of mushroom with an iconic shape that is characterized by a delicious flavor). Also, chestnuts are perfect as an accompaniment, as well as pumpkins. 

The most traditional wedding cocktails would fit perfectly for a winter celebration. But instead, there are many other dishes that are not available in high season, so it's time to take advantage of them.

Cocktail for a Winter wedding

A hot cream or seafood soup as a starter, could be ideal for a winter wedding, and although it is not an overly requested dish, it would surely meet your expectations. 

As a second course, an Iberian sirloin steak with root vegetables in truffle sauce would look great. 

If you prefer to lean towards fish, monkfish is one of the most appropriate options.

Fish at a winter wedding

The truth is that at the Montíboli, we always adapt the entire wedding banquet to suit your needs, you only need to ask.


7- A most comfortable setting

Wedding dresses for winter brides

In the spring months closest to summer, and even in late September and early October, men tend to be overly warm at weddings. With long-sleeved shirts under their jackets, or morning suits more suitable for the occasion, will always be much more comfortable and bearable in the colder months. 

On the contrary, wedding dresses in high season are usually light and sleeveless, or with short sleeves. And although you will always be comfortable, the winter wedding dresses are more suitable for these dates.

Jackets and accessories for Winter wedding dresses

In the case of Winter weddings, the groom and guests would feel far more comfortable.

As for bridal dresses in winter, you can always wear an elegant coat, a leather stole or some other elegant accessory to avoid feeling the cold, between the car and your arrival at the altar. 

In addition, there are magnificent designs of long-sleeved wedding dresses, which undoubtedly would also surprise your guests.


8- The prices are lower in winter

As in all areas during low season, the prices go down considerably. Plus, in our Hotel Montíboli, if you bring guests to your wedding, our rooms are cheaper for your guests. In addition, the bride and groom will get their room free, if your wedding banquet has 50 guests.

Winter wedding ceremony at the Hotel Montíboli

Remember that any date is ideal to celebrate your wedding at Hotel Montíboli

We are waiting for you…

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