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Take up Nordic Walking with the Hotel Servigroup Montiboli

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Now that you are beginning the new year, it is the ideal moment to achieve those new goals, which aim to offer the best version of yourself for 2018.

But if your thing is to practice outdoor sports, the sea and the mountains that surround our hotel, offer you the perfect option. Practicing sport in Villajoyosa is one of our biggest claims to fame. In fact, our customers constantly ask us questions regarding routes and other itineraries they can carry out in the area, for either cycling, walking, running or skating.

In this publication, we are going to focus on just one of those fun and exciting outdoor sports. It is an activity that is a fully up-to-date sport, and although it has nearly a century of history, it has greatly increased in the 21st century. We are talking about Nordic Walking. Do you want to know something about this magnificent sport?

Let's go...


What is Nordic Walking?

Sport in Villajoyosa

Nordic Walking, is a sport that emerged in northern Europe, in the 1930s. The funny thing is that it was created as a mode of practice for all those skiers that in the warmer months, could not ski because of the absence of snow.

This is how Nordic walking appeared on the sports scene. A new sport that took its athletes, always accompanied by the characteristic Nordic walking sticks, for the most beautiful trails of the Finnish mountains. But the Nordic Walking was institutionalized a decade later, and thus began to spread to other European countries such as Austria and Germany, reaching the United States and expanding to all corners of the world.


How are the Nordic Walking treks?

Nordic Walking close to Alicante

It is a sport, which in addition to exercising up to 90% of the muscles of your body, teaches you to walk correctly. For this, the main instrument consists of the Nordic walking sticks, of which the swing of the arms, mark the rhythm along the way.

The Nordic Walking poles help you during the trek, to achieve a total optimization of the rhythm, to your own step.


Benefits of Nordic Walking

Benefits of Nordic Walking

In order to carry out Nordic walking correctly, it is necessary to carry out the proper use of technique. It is also the best way to learn to walk using the right position, even helping you improve other aspects of your life, which are always fundamental to your health. Once you learn to optimize the rhythm, you get clear benefits that you will quickly notice in your body. For example, greater flexibility, higher resistance and an obvious improvement in heart rate. Nordic Walking will also help you to breathe better, to burn off excess fat, to strengthen the immune system and to prevent and fight in a considerable way, back and neck injuries that are so typical to athletes, although these can also be caused by stress and the anxiety of day to day living.

In addition, Nordic Walking is also characterized by its great versatility. It is suitable for people of all ages and of any physical condition.


Costa Blanca Nordic Walking. The best way to learn Nordic walking in Alicante

Nordic walking in Benidorm

If you live near Alicante, and you are looking for a good school that will start you off in this exciting world of Nordic Walking, in our partners Andrés and Peli you could not find the best choice.

These are great professionals who are experts in outdoor sports, and have extensive experience in everything related not only to training, but also in terms of information of this sport. For this reason, through their classes and their constant outings, you can get fit, and without doubt improve your health while you breathe pure air.

They will teach you the correct use of the technique so that you can enjoy very soon, the great benefits offered by the constant outings.

At this Nordic Walking school in Alicante, you will be able to enjoy their traditional weekly open-air training, as well as their characteristic courses. To begin with, the Nordic Walking initiation course will enable you to get up and running as soon as possible.

In this basic Nordic Walking course, your study would be based on two parts. The first part consists of a three-hour theoretical-practical session, in which you can familiarize yourself with the material and learn to warm up properly before starting future outings.

Through the second part of the course, you can put into practice everything learned in the previous session, warming up correctly and starting your first Nordic Walking route near Alicante.

In short, in our Hotel Servigroup Montíboli we always strive to offer you the best of us too. We try to do it at all times, with the firmest objective of helping you feel good: as if in your own home, or if possible, even better. Therefore, if you are staying a few days with us throughout any of the twelve months of the year, what better than one of those magnificent star treatments that we offer at our wellness center?

Spa Hotel Montíboli Villajoyosa

We await you in our Hotel Servigroup Montíboli. A paradise surrounded by nature, and always suitable to practice outdoor sports as you like.

Are you coming?

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