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Discover Mindfulness with the Hotel Servigroup Montiboli

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It is a fact that we are accustomed to a rhythm of life, in which it is constant not stop during the normal day to day. In addition, we are clearly living moments in which we need, not only to know what we are not doing right, but also how we should do it. Therefore, mindfulness is becoming a real trend, especially at a time when it is considered that stress continues to be the disease of the 21st century.

Development of awareness

Mindfulness is not only meditation, it is concentration, an analysis of what we feel at any given moment, of those sensations that we perceive. In short, it is what we are living in the present moment.

To practice mindfulness is to focus on the present without focusing on the past, or what is worse, on what we are going to do next.

Perhaps one of the factors that accentuates stress is common anxiety, that is sometimes inevitable to escape, and that encourages us to think about what we have pending without living in the moment. Therefore, through this practice of oriental origin, we learn to control anxiety, and also to be owners of ourselves, to perform better in our daily activities, to reduce stress and anxiety, and even to achieve effects that will be beneficial for our health and general well-being.

It is also said that mindfulness helps strengthen the immune system, to sleep much better, and ultimately, to improve our quality of life.

Mindfulness meditation outdoor method

Mindfulness, therefore, consists of trying to focus all our attention on the present moment, and doing it with interest, curiosity and acceptance, avoiding the emission of judgments that can negatively influence or obscure these positive sensations that are obtained of it.

As we mentioned earlier, it has its origins in Eastern philosophy, specifically in the Buddhist tradition, according to which, when we draw on previous memories, or begin to think about what we have pending, the mind and body tend to stress. It is as if we block our brain, and thus we erroneously activate the right prefrontal area in which some of the harmful emotions are found. On the contrary, at the moment when we start to meditate, we have to open some opposite channels, which are located in the left prefrontal. This allows us to experience healthier and more pleasant sensations, which will always enhance our mood and reduce the feelings of anguish and stress.

What is more than proven, is that through meditation, we are able to capture the most pleasant sensations and make all those that are not disappear.


Mindfulness comes to the West

Mindfulness Psychology

Although mindfulness comes from the East, with the passage of time it gradually became integrated into the fields of Medicine and Western Psychology. It has also been found that simply by increasing our own self-awareness, we learn to work directly with everything negative, in terms of illness, pain, loss, etc.

One of the greatest references of western mindfulness is doctor Jon Kabat-Zin, for the simple fact of introducing it three decades ago into Western medicine.

Kabat-Zin chose a series of patients for an exhaustive study, these presented diverse symptoms relating to stress, anxiety, chronic pain, and other similar ailments. He encouraged all of them to focus on the present moment, focusing all their interest, with maximum curiosity and with the greatest possible attention. This method reduced the symptoms considerably, Dr. Kabat-Zin demonstrated to Medicine that mindfulness was able to alleviate, and even completely cure, many of the symptoms and negative sensations that had dominated and taken control of his patients.

This was his way of affirming that in all cases, the fact of learning to relate directly to everything that is happening in our life in this moment, constitutes a direct way to recover the totality of internal balance.


How to practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness training

Mindfulness should be practiced for half an hour a day, but in the case of beginners, short sessions of a maximum of 10 minutes are recommended. It is about opening the mind to new sensations, and at the same time, building a new mental state of meditation. For the practice of Mindfulness, the ideal is to find a place that is free of noise and wear comfortable clothes.

To get the right position you need to sit on the floor comfortably. It is also very important that the posture places the back at a right angle to facilitate breathing (you can use a mat for more comfort).

You should always have the body relaxed, but without neglecting the position of the spine. Once you have the correct position, you must concentrate on breathing, listening as well as feeling it, but without thinking about it. You must focus on recognizing the breath and letting it flow through the body.

Once your attention is immersed in the awareness of breathing, you then continue to emit a mantra (a word that aims to relax and induce a state of meditation in those who sing or listen) this will help relaxation, as well as visualize a place that produces well-being.

These exercises will gradually take you to the next level and a greater practice will be necessary to concentrate on specific stimuli.

On a more advanced level, one should have a trained mind to concentrate on one aspect of perception or mental image, which will keep the mind blank.

It takes a lot of discipline to achieve this final point of meditation, which with time and practice will allow you to achieve a state of deep meditation, which in the long run will help you in your quality of daily life.

Practice deep meditation at the Montiboli

With all this, we invite you to disconnect with the before and the after, so that you focus on the here and now. It is clear that once you put this into motion, you will only perceive good results.

Therefore, from our Hotel Servigroup Montiboli we invite you to be aware of your day to day, your own self, your feelings and your present. It's about enjoying life and getting everything negative out of your mind.

A place to disconnect to the maximum is our Hotel Servigroup Montiboli. Right there, the waves, the sea and the vegetation will make you reconnect with your deepest self.

We also recommend that you practice mindfulness at our cliff pool or on the beach of La Caleta, a magical place to pursue this beneficial practice.


Do you fancy riding the wave of the mindfulness method?

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