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Learn to prepare some of the Hotel Montiboli’s Cocktails

At our Hotel Montíboli, we love to surprise you from the moment you arrive. Our intention is to make your stay with us as enjoyable as possible, even if it’s a short weekend getaway or your annual holidays in Villajoyosa, where you will be able to taste the best gastronomy. Therefore, both in the Emperador Restaurant and in our Alhambra Bar, we can offer you the most personalized service, with the most appetising attractive menus, and also with the best offers in cocktails, Gin & tonics and other types of combinations.

Our Hotel Montiboli Cocktails

In this new publication we will be talking about the cocktails available at the Hotel Montíboli.

Each of the cocktail options that you will find in our menu, contain a beautiful story or an anecdote worth telling. And for this reason, we have chosen two of the most popular drinks requested by our customers from our extensive menu. An interesting offer which also contains innovative alcohol-free cocktails, suitable for all tastes.

Our bartender, an expert in cocktails, shows us step by step how the famous cocktail Miracle is made, and the most classic cocktail Marilyn Monroe made at the Hotel Montíboli.


Cocktail Miracle

Cocktail Miracle in the menu of the Hotel Montíboli

The cocktail Miracle tells us an endearing story, a miracle. It is an event that surprised, and even changed the life of our professional mixologist: an unexpected event that was not expected to have a happy ending, and instead had a more than exciting and surprising outcome.

The story goes back a few years ago, when Miguel Ángel's father, our Barman, was diagnosed with a serious illness and had to undergo emergency surgery. In fact, when all his family and friends expected a tragic outcome, the opposite happened: the operation was a success and the father of our colleague overcame his illness. In fact, he still continues enjoying good health.

For this reason, our bartender created this cocktail in honor of his father, using some of his favourite ingredients, and which he named Miracle: the miracle that saved his life.

A few months later, Miguel Ángel presented his cocktail Miracle at the Barman’s Championship organized in  the Valencian Community and Murcia, obtaining the third prize.


How is the Miracle cocktail made?

- The first step is to let the glass cool, and for this our host leaves it in ice and water (filling the glass with ice and water). This step is essential, since we need the glass to be ice cold. Therefore, the glass will remain that way for about two minutes, which is the time it will take to prepare the cocktail. This step is very important, because the cooler the glass and alcohol are, the better the final result of the cocktail we are going to prepare will be. For this reason, it is also important that the bottles come directly out of the refrigerator just before starting to prepare it.

- Once in the shaker, our bartender introduces some 5 or 6 ice cubes, then add the proportional parts of Rum Havana 7, Saint Germaine liqueur, and a small amount of chocolate brownie syrup.

- The time has come to shake the mixture in the shaker for about 10 seconds.

- Now our mixologist prepares to whip the liquid cream in the blender, and just when it has reached its optimum point (the cream is frothy), removes the glass, which is already cold, and removes the water and the remains of ice . Then the mixture which has been prepared in the cocktail shaker is introduced into the glass Now it is time to add a few drops of cream into the glass. To do this, Miguel Angel slowly introduces the droplets over an imperial-type spoon, this is an acquired Art. As you can see, we will have a two-toned cocktail: brown and white.

 - To finish, use a small kitchen torch to flambé the cream that is on top.

- It's time to give it a touch of elegance, and add a slice of lemon shaped in the shape of a star on the edge of the glass. It will also look great with a slice of orange, blackcurrant, or even with a strawberry.


The Marilyn Monroe Cocktail

Marilyn Monroe cocktail on the Montíboli Hotel menu

This cocktail was named after Marilyn Monroe, in honor of this famous actress. Apparently, her two most favorite drinks were the Don Perignon 1957 and Whiskey Sour, which gave name to this outstanding cocktail made with bourbon, lemon juice and an exquisite sugar syrup. Marilyn Monroe constantly manifested her great passion for whiskey sour. It is said that she used to enjoy this delicious cocktail on the terrace of her mansion in California watching the sunset. In fact, it became a fashionable cocktail among the famous in Hollywood, even becoming the favorite drink of other stars, such as the mythical Humphrey Bogart also.

For this reason, a popular English barman, and a great admirer of the actress, decided to add Ginger Ale to whiskey sour, creating the Marilyn Monroe cocktail that we all know today, and at the same time, one of the most popular cocktails prepared by our professional mixologists at the Hotel Montíboli. It is an attractive drink, ideal to enjoy on summer nights, and which is also very quick and easy to make.


How is Marilyn Monroe Cocktail prepared?

Hotel Montíboli Cocktail Marilyn Monroe

- In this case, our barman begins to elaborate the cocktail by adding a moderate amount of bourbon into the same glass in which he will prepare the cocktail.

- Then a little sugar syrup, about 10 centiliters of lemon juice and a small shot of Ginger Ale (approximately another 10 centiliters).

- Add crushed ice, and with an imperial spoon will fuse everything together. It involves stirring all the ingredients with the same spoon. Next, he will add more ice and the rest of the Ginger Ale (until the glass is full).

- Now for the final touch which concludes with Miguel Ángel decorating the cocktail with a slice of heart-shaped pumpkin (prepared in a mould) and some pretty rose petals.

Cocktails in Villajoyosa

Now you have both of our barman's cocktails ready to taste. If you pass by the Hotel Servigroup Montíboli, remember that these delicious cocktails are available in our menu. We would love you to share your comments we us...


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