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We propose the Sirloin and Fig Recipe by Jean Marc Sanz. Do you dare to cook it?

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In our Hotel Servigroup Montíboli we love to surprise you with the most original summer dishes. But if you are also one of those who like to put all their ingenuity and creativity into the kitchen, you will enjoy one of our most prized summer recipes. In this case, a dish cooked with breva (early figs).

In this publication, we are going to give you that little push to encourage you to throw yourself into the mix, and dare you to prepare a dish, ideal to enjoy in the summer months

The option that we propose is the Beef Sirloin with Garum (fermented fish sauce), Anchovies and Brevas (Figs).


What exactly is breva?

Brevas in the Hotel Montíboli

Breva is a delicious and nutritious fruit, highly rich in fiber, glucose, fructose, potassium, magnesium and calcium. It is in fact the fruit that is obtained in the first of the two crops that are annually produced from the fig tree, always during the summer. In fact, it is during these months, when you can take advantage and request in our Restaurant Emperador dishes cooked with brevas.

It is characterized by a magnificent flavor, which is ideal both at dessert time and in the most unexpected and surprising main courses.


Beef Sirloin with Garum, Anchovies and Brevas

Here we will give you the instructions you need to prepare a good Beef Sirloin with Garum, Anchovies and Brevas in the unique style of our chef Jean Marc Sanz. If you follow the steps to the letter, you will surely have an excellent result.

The ingredients are as follows:

  • Sirloin beef fillets
  • A tin of anchovies
  • Red onion in vinegar (we use half an onion per fillet)
  • A few black olives (4 or 5)
  • A garlic clove
  • Half a dry tomato
  • 1 dry fig
  • Dense Xanthana
  • 3 fresh brevas
  • Wine
  • Star anise
  • An orange
  • Pepper
  • Ground clove

The first step we recommend is that you prepare a matignon. But what is matignon? It is a chopped anchovy, red onion in vinegar, black olives, garlic, dried tomatoes and dried figs. All this will have to be chopped very finely (approximately a millimeter of thickness).

We will also prepare a juice, so that when you go to serve the dish, you can season correctly. To do this, you must cook the bone and the tips of the sirloin for about 8 hours, at about 80 degrees. If not, you can buy this juice already prepared if you prefer to avoid this long process.

You should also mix the garum, which is the liquid of the anchovy, with a small amount of xanthan. Due to its thickening properties, xanthan will provide the garum with a very peculiar and elegant gelled appearance. The recommended amount is 2 grams per liter, to achieve an optimal result. But in this case, for a single dish, it will suffice with half a tablespoon of xanthan to mix with the garum.

Now it’s time to cook the fresh breves with wine, orange peel, pepper and clove. All this should have a cooking time of two to three hours, at a temperature of about 50 degrees.

Now you can prepare the sirloin, and for this we recommend you place the steak on the hot plate. Once on the heat you will need to score it. The goal is for it to stay red on the inside and you can control its cooking. You should not leave it too long, since ideally the tenderloin should not be well done, and for this the scoring must remain the same color before removing it from the fire.

Sirloin with Brevas in the Montíboli

Now you have all the main elements ready, so it is time to plate everything. Shall we begin? To do this start by placing the fillet of sirloin in the center of the plate, being correctly seasoned with the own meat juices that you have either prepared earlier or previously bought.

Then you put the correctly chopped matignon on top of the sirloin, also the rest of the mixture cooked with the wine and anise. Alternatively, you can  place this mixture next to the sirloin.

Then on the sides, you can place the gelled garum sauce in small portions the size of a button around the sirloin. You now have your first dish of Beef Sirloin with Garum, Anchovies and Brevas.

Fabulous…!  Do you dare to try? We await your opinions, and if you send us a photo, even better.

Go for it !!!

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