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Beauty treatments at the Hotel Montíboli, your secret beauty

The Montíboli Hotel in Villajoyosa is a peaceful haven, an oasis facing the Mediterranean sea, where you can rest, relax, enjoy and recharge your batteries.

One of the main reasons that our hotel draws so much attention, is because of its location on a cliff with an omnipresent presence of the Mediterranean sea at every corner; A 5-star hotel where you can let yourself go and feel the immensity of the sea.

A hotel that has everything you need for your well-being, your health and your beauty. Have you ever dreamed of being relaxed in a spa by the sea? If this is your dream without a doubt, we will make it come true.


Spa in front of the sea

Spa in front of the sea in Villajoyosa

We have a spa with a lot of charm, in an ideal environment for you to relax, with the best products and new beauty treatments, for you to be able to dedicate a little time to yourself, let us pamper every inch of your skin and spirit. Feel comfortable in the steam baths, the jacuzzi, the foot bath, the themed showers and the play pool. Take your time... It's your moment for relaxation.

In addition to these facilities we have a beauty centre where you can enjoy the most exclusive beauty treatments unique innovators in the hands of our great professionals.


Products Thalgo

Thalgo beauty products

Therefore, thinking of you, we have chosen the Thalgo brand to pamper your skin, since our seaview hotel could not use any other types of beauty products but those inspired by the sea and its benefits.

So, we would like to suggest a new ritual of complete and very special beauty products, that you can choose from among our great list of facial and body beauty treatments, designed exclusively for you and your well-being.


Indocean beauty treatment

Body massage

The Indoceane ritual is a 100 min duration which offers you complete serenity.

Close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by the most unique journey of the East. It offers you a sensory trip composed of different treatments, which will bring you great peace and relaxation.

The sacred lotus and the Qi-Marine, two cell de-stressors, come together to bring you maximum serenity, in a journey where the different combined treatments will relax and sublimate your beauty and well-being.

A complete beauty treatment in different parts combined into a singular trip; composed of an exfoliant, a hydration bath, a massage and a wrap; several treatments that come together to propose a complete ritual of beauty, the Indocean ritual.


Indoceane beauty treatment step by step:

Beauty treatment Hotel Montíboli in Villajoyosa


  1. Mediterranean phase: immerse yourself in an environment of citrus essences. A delicious exfoliating treatment awaits you, which eliminates dead skin cells, allowing you to breathe better, while offering greater cell regeneration and an increase in microcirculation that provides softness and flexibility to your skin. For this we use a sweet-salted gamage, based on sea salt, semi-refined sugar and Mediterranean essential oils.
  2. Egyptian phase: relax and pamper your skin with a milk bath with essences, which moisturize your skin making it look soft, light, nourished and flexible.
  3. India phase: enjoy a delicious massage with voluptuous essential oils, inspired by the Ayurveda of India. Feel the perfume while you enjoy a relaxing body massage that will give you a great feeling of serenity.
  4. Chinese phase: shine, let us enlighten and radiate beauty. A wrapping (body bandage) awaits you, with which you will achieve a rejuvenating effect on your skin, as well as a slimming, toning and anti-aging effect. You will feel a pleasant softness in your skin similar to the effect of velvet, while you breathe a perfume of powders of iris and jasmine.


You will enjoy the exotic east, you will benefit from the marine properties of Thalgo and you will feel a sensation of healing and renewal, while the beauty floods all the pores of your skin.

Let us pamper you, we are specialists in making you glow.

We have revealed to you a great secret of beauty, our Thalgo treatments of facial and corporal beauty... Would you like to come and discover them?

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