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Estefanía Noguera, Events coordinator
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Taking the important decison to get married always brings about great excitement for the start of a new life together. This important day to celebrate with your friends and family, (which will undoubtedly be one of the most memorable throughout your life), also involves a series of new responsibilities, that you will of course, embrace with great determination and conviction.

Beach Weddings

All the fine details that you will need to prepare with care and enthusiasm for your wedding day will have to be organised and checked to perfection. The truth is, that celebrating an important event such as a wedding at the Hotel Servigroup Montiboli, with the sea as the backdrop and the murmur of the waves caressing the shore is a true priviledge. And what better way to make the day even more perfect than by hiring a professional who knows how to touch the hearts of your guests? We are talking without doubt about a master of ceremonies.

The fact is that we, as well as having the fortune to work with great culinary and function room professionals that will make your wedding reception and after party very unique, also recommned that you pay special attention to the civil ceremony, something that we often neglect or don’t think is important until we see just how special it is and how it can impact on the day. This is where a master of ceremonies plays such an important role.

Weddings on the beach in Alicante

Civil weddings on the beach are usually accompanied by the most heart touching music and the most befitting decorations and this is also where we need to pay careful attention as it is not only about the start of a great celebration that you want your guests to enjoy, it is also the start of your life together. For this reason, there is nothing better than to have a professional expert that not only knows how to speak but also knows how to create emotions and ensure that his words remain engraved as part of the essence of the day.

The role of master of ceremonies has boomed over the last few years.  In fact, until recently, when a wedding was not officiated by a priest, it was a judge or person of high political position that carried out the ceremony.

There are moments during speeches that must be filled with emotion and memories forged during a lifetime, which are recalled with great fondness, so it is essential that there be a common link.  For this reason, the master of ceremonies needs to know how to lead these important and memorable moments in the right direction.

We have a fantastic master of ceremonies, Miguel Ángel, with his soothing voice he is capable of transporting the bride and groom back to their earliest and best memories. He knows how to bring out the best of the stars of the celebration and fills guests with emotion during every ceremony.

Our master of ceremony is not only a professional with extensive experience in the field of communication, he is also an excellent speaker who knows how to reach into the hearts of the bride and groom as well as the guests with his discursive art and his limitless creativity, always appropriatley combined with an undeniable sense of humor. For this reason, we always recommend Miguel Ángel when the bride and groom intend to celebrate a civil wedding. A lot of the time he is specifically requested by the bride and groom as he has such an excellent reputation around the Marina Baixa area.

Master of ceremonies

He usually provides a series of guidelines to create the ceremony script, being sincere and participative at all times, helping to choose the readings and creating special unique verses based on the personal experiences of the bride and groom.

Being a professional, he usually holds a series of meetings with the bride and groom in order to get to know them better and establish the type of ceremony they are seeking or how to conduct it. By doing this, he creates a bond of confidence which makes the ceremony very special.

He also contributes various formalities to the wedding ceremony; welcoming of guests, selecting the appropriate music in harmony with the bride and groom, keeping guests entertained should the bride arrive late… and of course bringing composure and the calmness needed for intervals or unexpected pauses.

Should you decide to celebrate your wedding at the Hotel Montíboli, and you choose a civil ceremony, don’t forget to ask us for advice on this Service.

So, if you are thinking about taking the marriage step, don’t forget that we are at your service.

Until the next publication!

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