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New Spring-Summer collection of Kanna Shoes in our Hotel Servigroup Montíboli

A few weeks ago, one of the leading companies with regards to women's footwear in Spain launched their new campaign. For this, our Hotel Servigroup Montíboli was chosen because of it’s amazing position, on the Mediterranean coast, for the spring-summer promotion that this Murcia brand has recently carried out.  

Photo of the promotion of Kanna Shoes at Hotel Montíboli

For more than 30 years, the Kanna shoe brand has been offering a line of products that have always been characterized for its original designs, while being admired and praised for their striking elegance and distinction. Also, it is no wonder people have been attracted by the Mediterranean touch that characterizes them.

The company of Kanna, as well as its manufacturing department, is in the town of Caravaqueña, La Encarnación, in the province of Murcia. It is a population with a high tradition of craftsmanship in terms of jute material (hessian), as well as its outstanding archaeological discoveries (the well-known Black Cave of La Encarnación).

We spoke with Armando Pineda, Commercial and Marketing Director of Kanna Shoes, who told us in detail the philosophy of this attractive brand of footwear for women.

What is the essence that would define Kanna shoes?

The DNA of the brand is in the material jute (hessian), we work hard to obtain our own design and style, as we include in our product a touch of fashion and glamor which makes it extremely tempting even for the younger audience.

On the other hand, our product is focused on original designs that show different styles and trends. We have at all times the need to make original shoes, and we make sure that the quality and comfort also characterize this.

In addition, Kanna aims is to reflect a philosophy and a lifestyle of our own. For this reason, we adapt at all times a material as traditional as jute to the most novel and popular trends. Even so, we still keep the naturalness of its components at all times.

Jute in Kanna Shoes

What is Kanna's audience?

Our niche mainly comprises of women between 35 and 45 years, but given the versatility of our designs, they are also perfectly suitable for women 18 and 50 years.

Do you intend to target other ages, to create new styles, or even to start creating shoes for men?

At the moment, it isn’t something that we have planned.

For our winter collections, as well as for the summer sandals and shoes, we like to stay in a style that is faithful to the very essence and origin of the brand, taking care of every detail. It is what characterizes us and for this reason we intend to continue working in this same line.

Kanna Shoes on the Montiboli Beach

Do you dedicate selling your footwear exclusively to stores or also directly to the public?

Our main customer is through retail. We also have our own online sales site, and some physical stores in various towns in the province of Murcia.

Both in these establishments and in our on-line stores we have a good level of recognition, but our main advantage is obtained primarily through the distribution to the establishments that sell our footwear.

We work with important names, such as El Corte Inglés, Derimond, Mayke, Level Shoes, Koko & Palenki, Galeries Lafayette, among many others mainly in Spain and throughout Europe.

Our main buyer is France, but we also distribute our shoes to other European countries, as well as Japan, Australia and the United States. Amongst them, we export up to 90% of our production.

The best Kanna promotions on the Hotel Montiboli beach

What attracted the attention of our Hotel Servigroup Montíboli?

Both in our autumn-winter campaign, as in the spring-summer campaign, we are looking for a purely Mediterranean approach. Our footwear has always remained true to its origins, and therefore we insist at all times to find locations that are in accordance with our own philosophy.

And because it is a product purely handmade and so typical of this area, we like to create a type of advertising always oriented to the coast. We always try to find at all times locations that express the purest Mediterranean style, and for that reason we always highlight in our advertising the sea and light so typical of the Mediterranean Sea.

We have a specialist in locations and once he showed us the hotel, and we obtained permission, we started with our models and our stylist, to start the photo shoot.

From the beginning, the Hotel Montíboli caught our attention because of its location, its striking architecture and its pure Alicante design.

Therefore, we found that the most befitting was to take advantage of the outdoor facilities, especially its striking and impressive terrace.

Our experience at the Hotel Montíboli has been extremely positive and we intend to use it again for future campaigns.

Glomor on the Montiboli beach

How has the response to your campaign been?

The image data base that we have created, is used mainly as a brochure for our professional contacts, within and outside the country. It is not a campaign precisely directed to the public.

Even so, it has been and is very positive, so we hope our female audience will continue to like and also continue to grow, and continue liking our own innovating style.

Yute with glamour at the Hotel Servigroup Montiboli

Our Hotel Montíboli in Villajoyosa are so proud to have been chosen for their last spring-summer campaign. That's why we are so happy to be the scene of this prestigious company that has sold more than six million pairs of shoes worldwide.

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