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We recommend the best books to read this summer 2018

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The truth is that reading can be a pleasure. So, if you are passionate about reading, we are certain that you will not be able to spend your summer holiday without a good book to read by the poolside, at the beach, or on the balcony of your hotel/apartment whether it is during the afternoon or on a summer evening before going to sleep.

Books to read in summer

For most readers, reading is therapeutic and reading in summer can develop into a realaxing and essential thing to every evening to round off the long summer days.

The best books to read in summer

So, should you be undecided between all the new releases that are emerging in the field of literature, in this weeks blog, we are going to give you some great suggestions. From all the books recommended for summer 2018, the following five proposals are a must.

Something more than just good books, they are original, intriguing and different written works that stand out for their creativity and originality.


1. The silence of the White City

Houses in the city of Vitoria in Álava

In 2016, Eva Garcia Sáenz de Urturi presented a written work that is aleady a great success among the most demanding readers, a classic that returns for 2018 thanks to it forming part of a triliogy in which the The Silence of the White City is the first part. It is a dark novel whose plot is set in Álava and in which the most mythical legends of the provincial area in conjunction with the most intriguing criminal psychology will not leave you feeling disappointed. By also giving an excellent overview of extensive archeology, this book offers you an inspiring and innovative read in which imagination can reach new extremes.

So, if what you are looking for is intrigue and mystery, we recommend that you give this dark novel which is full of surprises a try. And of course, when you become fascinated by the plot, you can carry on reading the saga’s second installment, “Water Rites”.


2. The New Boy

Reading books for Summer 2018

If you are longing for a new tribute to the great master of literature, William Shakespeare, now is the time to enjoy something brand new and original such as The New Boy, one of the latest novels released in 2018.

This magnificent work by Tracy Chevalier, has as the background an international project that is started in honor of the writer, the celebration of the fortieth anniversary of the passing of Shakespeare.

The story takes place in America during the 70’s and relates a comphrensive account of the of the most diverse characters of the human race and a wide range of emotions among which discrimination and extreme racism play a decisive role.

That’s “The Boy”: A book that plays with the reader’s emotions and describes the last years of childhood of a young man looking for his own identity. To do this, the character delves into the most useless mechanisms, clichés and conventionalities of society, trying to achieve social recognition that never comes. A detailed account of what is now known as bullying, but set in an era that has little to do with the current 21st century.

This summer, The New Boy is the perfect choice if you are looking for quality reading material for your holiday.


3. I wait for you in the last corner of autumn

Romantic drama by Casilda Sánchez Varela

If what you look for most when choosing a book is romantic drama, Casilda Sánchez Varela will take you to the heart of a beautiful love strory between two young people from very different worlds.

In this incredible book, the author relates her very own “Romeo and Juliet” in the most personal and intimate way. A book with autobiographical touches for which Sánchez Varela took inspiration from her personal life, creating characters who have a lot to contribute to the reader.

A reverence to feelings as profound as lonlieness, sadness and heartache but also to the most absolute stages of happiness that the young Chino and Cora experience.

An amazing piece of work that you shouldn’t miss if you are a fan of this type of book.


4. Camino Island

Book on ancient manuscripts

With Camino Island, John Grisham offers a new, enjoyable and at the same time, entertaining read.

With high doses of mystery and intrigue, the grand master of thrillers will amaze you with a storyline that has all the ingredients of a best seller. The fact is, Camino Island entertains, excites and gets you hooked from the first pages. The most astonishing thing is the way the book ends, leaving the reader hungry for more.

A story based on the theft and illegal trafficking of manuscripts, that will quickly take you on a pursuit to unmask the ingenious culprit.

Without a doubt, it is the perfect novel to read this summer.


5. Glass Tigers

Psychological thriller Glass Tigers

If you enjoy a goood psychological thriller, “Glass Tigers” is the book for you this summer. An intriguing novel that relates to perfection, a plot full of secrets in which its author Toni Hill, chose Barcelona’s classic red belt neighbourhood during the 70’s as the setting.

A story that will absorb you and will without doubt make you think.

The plot tells the story of Victor and Junape, school friends who live through some difficult childhood and adolescent experiences. They are reunited 37 years later in very similar circumstances for one, but very different for the other.

It highlights the masterful approach that the author offers to a seemingly simple story line, whilst at the same time describing in a shocking way an atmosphere of the city of Barcelona that most of us are not aware of.

2018 Popular books

And with these five recommendations, it only remains for us to wish you “happy reading” this summer. Will you share your opinions with us?

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