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Painting exhibition by Evaristo Alguacil, continuing the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of Montíboli

We admit it, we love art, so it has to be part of the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of our Hotel Montíboli.

The hotel has had a relationship with the arts from the very beginning, promoting and supporting them, because they make our world a better and more beautiful place.

Music has always featured strongly in our hotel, along with architecture and sculpture.

The Montíboli has also been closely linked to poetry, dance and film, whether through the guests that stay with us or the activities held in the hotel in relation to these art forms.

In today’s post, however, we’re going to talk about painting, an art form that has been part of the Montíboli journey from the outset.


Evaristo Alguacil, artist

Evaristo Alguacil painting outdoors

The early career of the young Evaristo is closely connected to the beginnings of Hotel Montíboli. It’s almost 40 years now since the renowned artist from Villajoyosa, Evaristo Alguacil, exhibited with Belgian artist Dupiereux at our hotel for the first time. So, to mark the hotel’s 50th anniversary we have decided to revive this most perfect and cherished connection.

Evaristo Alguacil, an artist from Villajoyosa, has achieved great international recognition, exhibiting his works in top galleries around the world, such as Hanson Gallery Fine Art in California, Greenwich House in Cincinnati and Galería Herraiz in Madrid.

The oil paintings of this acclaimed artist follow the impressionist and figurative styles.

His canvases reflect a treatment of light and a freshness that comes from his Mediterranean vision.

Art critics point out his characteristic way of depicting water in his paintings. He is also well known for his use of a spatula instead of a brush for creating his works. Peculiarities like these make his paintings stand out and shine with a light of their own.

Alguacil has travelled half the world to paint the beauty of its landscapes. The US, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Portugal and his own native Villajoyosa have provided the inspiration for his most beautiful creations.

He is a true outdoor artist, passionate about working in the open air and letting himself be seduced by his surroundings.


Hotel Montíboli’s 50th anniversary: painting exhibition

Impressionist painting by Evaristo Alguacil, using a spatula.

As part of the programme of activities to commemorate Hotel Montíboli’s 50th anniversary the painting exhibition Interacción, by impressionist artist Evaristo Alguacil, will open on 8 June at 7 pm.

Following the exhibition opening there will be a short speech by Evaristo Alguacil and Manuel García, director of Hotel Montíboli, together with a complementary drink.

Impressionist painting by Evaristo Alguacil

The exhibition, which includes around 15 works, will be on display throughout the hotel, specifically in the pink room, the blue room and at the entrances to the Alhambra bar. Visitors have until the end of December to see these marvellous works of art.

You are invited to visit the Montíboli art gallery and, at the same time, to contemplate and enjoy the works of the great impressionist painter Alguacil.

So, if you’re a big art fan like us, and love paintings, come and visit us and take in the art exhibition Interacción while you look around our hotel and enjoy a delicious cocktail.


Remember, you have until the end of December to see the exhibition.

We hope to see you there!

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