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Experience the night of San Juan with a magical dinner at "La Caleta" beach.

The night of San Juan is one of the most magical nights of the year, and we have prepared a special dinner for you.

On the Minarete Terrace of our Hotel Montíboli you can enjoy a unique night, with an exclusive menu according to the tradition of San Juan that will consist of four dishes designed by our chef Jean Marc, especially for this occasion.

After performing the rituals of San Juan at La Caleta beach and wishing for all the luck you need for the year, from 0:00 the terrace of the Bar Alhambra will be available for those who want to enjoy this magical night in the best setting.

This option is offered to hotel guests but, will also be available to all those who want to enjoy an unforgettable evening without the need to stay overnight.

  1.      If you are not staying at our hotel, or if you are staying on a "Bed and Breakfast" basis, but still you do not want to miss the most magical night of the year, the price is € 65 per person.
  2.      If you are staying at the hotel on Half Board, you can attend the dinner by paying a supplement.

Offer available for June 22nd and 23rd.

To book the incredible "Night of San Juan" call us at 96 589 02 50 or write to us via the email address montiboli@servigroup.es.We will be happy to assist you!


An afternoon of Yoga to celebrate the summer solstice

During the afternoon of June 22nd, you can attend a special yoga session that will prepare your body and mind, enabling you to enjoy and escape for this special dinner.

The yoga session has been prepared and will be given by the teacher Ángela Cordoba (IG @inhalejourneys), who is certified, and with a long career and knowledge of different types of this traditional discipline.

These yoga activities will be totally free for clients staying at our hotel during that night, but any yoga lover who wants to attend this group class, can do so without a problem.  The price would be 20€.

Schedule of the yoga activities

18:00 – 19:00

Yoga session

19:30 – 20:00


19:30 – 20:30

Dance of the 5 elements, Solstice Celebration, Offering of Candles and Flowers on the beach.


Traditions and rituals for the night of San Juan

The night of San Juan is related to the summer solstice, which is precisely the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere and in turn the shortest in the southern hemisphere.

A night full of magic with numerous traditions and rituals to attract luck and purify the body.

The traditional rituals for this special night revolve around, fire and water. Fire attracts good luck, while water attracts fertility and purifies energy.

Rituals for the night of San Juan "el fuego" (fire):

A popular and well-known tradition is to jump over the bonfire seven times, those who do will attract luck throughout the year.

Another well-known ritual is to write on a piece of paper, what you intend to leave behind in your life and to purify it with the flames of fire and in another paper, you must write a wish that you want to see fulfilled the following year and introduce it in a lantern. At midnight you must burn the paper with what you want to get rid of in your life and launch the lantern to the sky to see your wish fulfilled.

** Currently, it is not allowed to light bonfires on the beach or throw lanterns up in the air for security reasons, so we will not perform these rituals in our facilities.

Also related to fire is the ritual of lighting a white candle in the bonfire, making a wish and letting it be consumed on the beach, preventing it from going out. This ritual is linked to well-being and calmness, providing harmony in your life.

Rituals for the night of San Juan "el agua" (water):

After performing rituals related to fire, bathing in the sea during this special night ensures health for the year and jumping backwards nine times over the waves will purify your body, eliminating negative energies and even increases the fertility of women.


These dates are celebrated with much illusion in the province of Alicante, where they are enjoyed in a very special way, because traditionally the Alicante farmers celebrated the longest day of the year to collect the crops, and the shortest night to eliminate the impurities. Nowadays they celebrate the patron saint, enjoying festivities of the capital of the province, becoming the week most anticipated by any native of Alicante.

65 €

* per night per person (Tax included)


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