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Van Gogh Alive, the amazing multimedia exhibition comes to Alicante

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Are you an art lover? Do you like to analise a painting and think about the brushstrokes, the style, the technique, the materials used… or do you simply like art but don’t know that much about it? Don’t worry, if you are open to new experiences, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to see for yourself the world’s most visited multimedia exhibition.

We are in luck, because from September 13th to December 16th at the municipal hall of the Alicante fish market, you can visit the Van Gogh Alive Alicante exhibition: A unique experience that will make your jaw drop!

Following the huge success achieved since the exhibition opened in Melbourne (Australia) in 2012 and after touring more than 80 cities such as Mosow, Chile, Rome, Beijing… it now comes to Alicante, the second city in Spain (following Sevilla) to host this fascinating experince.

The exhibition organised by Nomad Art has already conquered more than 5 million art lovers, so why not take the opportunity to visit the exhibition and leave behind any preconceptions about typical museum visits. Forget silent, reserved art galleries as at Van Gogh Alive you can contemplate the works of art in an experential way whilst enjoying a great exposition.


Van Gogh Alive - The Experience, in Alicante

Van Gogh Alive - The Experience is a multimedia and sensory exhibition that combines 3.000 images in motion together with sound and light, which draw you into to the works of this brilliant artist in a mesmerizing way making the work of this dutch genius come to life before your very own eyes.

A cultural experience suitable for everyone, very entertaining and educational where you can experience a new way to approach art; where adults will have to disregard everything that they previously learned and open their minds to the new meanings of Van Gogh’s work where we will be presented with innovative and obscure artistic angles, different ways of understanding the work from new amazing visual aspects and perspectives.

Meanwhile, the little ones can learn to paint like Van Gogh, with instructions created by experts for the occasion.

The starry night Van Gogh Alive in Alicante

At the exhibition, you can walk freely through the hall, stop when you wish, take your time, take a seat... whilst immersed in the world of the impressionist painter.

Classical music combined with large scale Van Gogh images together with an endless number of screens, walls, floors and mobile ceilings where you will eventually become part of and centre point of the Vincent Van Gogh work. A work of art in which you will feel partly absorbed thanks to the SENSORY4TM.

For years, the work of Van Gogh has been exhibited in the most prestigious art centres around the world, but never in such a captivating way in which you can contemplate the twinkling of the constellations in his famous painting The starry Night, submerge yourself in the expression and gaze of his self-portrait or observe how the birds take flight in his painting Wheatfield with Crows.

And so, you will discover the life of this controversial genius and accompany him on his journey to Arles, Saint Rémy and Auvers-sur-Oise, where the artist painted most of his famous works.

Following the exhibition you will discover and understand where the the painter took his inspiration from, discover more details about his life, his thoughts and emotions during his glory years, the ten year period from 1880 to 1890.


Van Gogh Alive: Tickets and visiting times

If you are interested and don’t want to miss this new event in Alicante, you can obtain your tickets via the oficial web page vangogh.es.

Self portrait, Van Gogh Alive - The Experience exhibition

Ticket prices vary, weekdays 12€, weekends and bank holidays 14€, children under the age of 4 go free, children aged 4 to 15 years 9€, there are also special prices for students, over 65’s and visitors with disabilities as well as the possibility of family tickets and group prices.

Visiting times are 11.00h, 12:00h, 13:00, 17.00H, 18:00h and 19:00h. Don’t forget that weekends can be crowded and may incurr a waiting time between admission times, approximately 30 minutes for advance reservations.

Don’t delay, this exhibition is a must, you have to experience it and let it sweep you away. You will enjoy yourself like never before and you will discover several facts about this controversial genial artist who without doubt will not leave you disappointed.

And as Van Gogh used to say, don’t miss it because “Colour in a picture, is like enthusiasm in life”.

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