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Do you like travelling with your pet?

Manuel García, Director

Many of us have made the decision, at some point in our lives, to have pets with which to share moments and experiences.

There are those who prefer to have a cat of any breed, Siamese, Sosoke, Himalayan, Afghani or Bengali, others prefer to have a dog and the differences can be enormous, between a tiny and scary Chihuahua to a Pyrenean Mastiff that almost doesn’t fit through the front door.

Pets at the Hotel Servigroup Montíboli

Then there are unusual pets such as Vietnamese pig’s whose owners take them for a walk through the park on a lead or those who import wild or exotic animals.

The other day my son told me that one of his school friends had a young python snake at home and the boy explained to his friends how affectionate it was, he did not understand how people could hate snakes when his was very loving, so the question is , is a pet python who acts “affectionate” really just measuring its intended next victim? Well, according an employee that works at Terra Natura in Benidorm that is the case! As soon as the boy knew this he handed his pet into an animal shelter.

Exotic animals at the Hotel Montíboli

In my case, dogs have always been a favourite with me, my beloved Spanish Water dog Iris and my energetic, and highly active, Champagne coloured Labrador called Xavi.

At the Hotel Servigroup Montiboli we have also thought of them and for many years we have been accepting dogs in the hotel rooms. We know that sometimes this can be a nuisance, and we must be very careful to avoid any inconveniences to other guests, which we achieve very well, with dedication, effort and patience, we take into account that there are many people that like the idea of having their pet with them when they go away.

Hotels with pets

If you have a pet and do not want to leave it whilst you enjoy a short getaway, do not hesitate to contact us and we will offer you the best solution possible.

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