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Discover how to plan your perfect holiday

Whether you love to travel and are always thinking of new places to visit, or if it is not something you usually do, but on this occasion need to plan a holiday, we give you 10 tips to help you organise everything with enough time and dedication so that you will have your dream holiday whilst saving money at the same time!

Steps to plan your holiday:


1- Choose the dates for your next holiday

Check with your employer that the dates you require are available, especially if it is an important and specific date for you such as a wedding anniversary, birthday, etc… Once you have the dates confirmed, try to plan your holiday in advance, that way you will be able to schedule everything you want to see and get the best price for booking early.

Choose the dates on the calendar in advance

2- Choose your destination

Either for preference, price or season (depending on whether you are looking for a beach holiday, ski holiday or city break). Once you have decided, research all the information you need about the destination, so you will know everything about what the resort has to offer and you can then prioritise what you want to do and see and things that you need to know such as the culture, the language, the cuisine, the local currency and whether or not you need a visa.

Travel destination options

3- Plan your trip

Prepare a planning chart in Excel, it will help you to easily see your holiday dates, arrival date, departure date, flights, transfers, the things you wants to see and the places you want to visit.

Set up Excel with your holiday information

4- Choose your transport

If you are going to travel by plane, train or boat, you will need to get your tickets. If you book in advance, the tickets will be cheaper, avoid flights during high season, at weekends and on bank holidays as they will be more expensive.

Transport for your trip

5- Book your accommodation

Choose accommoation based on your needs, for example a hotel in the city centre, a hotel for relaxation, a hotel close to the sea… Always check reviews and look for the best price-quality, remember, there are more advantages if you book early and you will also be able to book the room type you require instead of having to book what is left available.

Hotels for your trip

6- Domestic Travel

Bearin mind any connections and whether you need to buy other tickets should you be planning to visit several towns within the same country. We recommend that you use a search engine to do the investigation work for you giving you the best options and comparisons for transport from one city to another by plane, bus, train or car.

Choose your mode of transport in the country you will visit

7- Daily Budget

Plan ahead and consider your approximate daily budget and the activities you will want to do each day. If you are going to visit museums, if you will have to pay an entrance fee, tour guide fee and what will the cost be? Whether you will go out of the hotel to eat or if you have booked full board, transfer costs from the airport, etc. That way you will not be met with any last minute surprises.

Estimated daily budget

8- Insure your trip

If you travel abroad, normally everything runs smoothly, however, an unexpected situation may arise, such as illness, lost luggage or a minor accident… In this case, having travel insurance makes things a lot easier in a foreign country.

Travel insurance

8- Calculate the total cost of your trip

Add to the Excel page (which you created earlier) the most significant expenses, accommodation costs, transfers, excursions, activities, eating out etc in order for you to know the exact cost of your holiday and allow yourself time to save up. Also, set aside some extra money in case of emergencies. With all this information, you will be able to calculate the cost of your trip and it will act as a reference for your next holiday.

Gasto del viaje

9- Prepare the documents and essential things needed for your trip

You need to plan ahead in case you need a visa and vaccinations prior to arriving at your destination, also if you need a specific type of suitcase, the correct type of clothing and footwear according to your chosen destination, etc.

Packing your holiday suitcase

So, you will now be ready to 100% enjoy your well planned trip which will be fantastic thanks to all the tips and recommendations you have followed.

All that remains for us to say is “have a good trip and enjoy your well deserved holiday!”

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