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How to pack your suitcase

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There are very few days left for you to start your Easter holidays, so we would like to give you some tips to pack the perfect suitcase.

Far from seeming insignificant, the simple fact of thinking about what you are going to put in your suitcase before leaving on a trip, can cause the occasional headache. If you are going for 3, 4 or 5 days, and you do not want to be loaded down with luggage, it is convenient to save and take just enough and what is really necessary for these days.


But what to carry in the suitcase? How to make an unbeatable travel bag? We advise you how to save space but carry the maximum number of necessary objects, without breaking the zipper, with the following tricks to pack a suitcase.


The art of packing your case: How do you to prepare the perfect case?

Tips for packing

If you do not know how to pack? The first step is to open the suitcase. But where do you start? Actually, the answer would be "where" you should not start. Therefore, the most relevant, first, would be to discard all those clothes and objects that will be unnecessary during your trip.

So, before packing, prepare a list with everything you need, (your looks for Easter) although you will have to establish priorities, depending on the destination climate, the activities you will be doing and the type of clothing necessary for any type of situation. For this reason, we advise you to forget the "just in case" and determine what you are going to leave at home, in this way you will avoid unnecessary objects.


How to store shoes in a suitcase and save space?

Store shoes in your case

Once you have prepared your list and abandoned everything you do not need for your trip, then choose the most versatile shoes you can and that will serve you for different occasions and attires. Do not forget that the magic number is 3, formal, casual and super comfortable.

Start arranging your travel luggage by inserting the shoes in bags (to avoid contact with clothes), always facing them towards the corners of the suitcase. In this way you will using all the spaces and leaving none free, which prevents you from having wasted space and more room for your belongings.

On the other hand, footwear is a very useful tool, by making the interior space more profitable, since you can place inside tiny items as well as correctly rolled socks.


How to fold clothes for packing your case? Shirts

How to save space in the suitcase

Since the weather is fine, you will probably wear several shirts and sweaters. Therefore, we advise you on how to pack the suitcase by rolling clothes, and our advice is that you fold them into very flat rectangles, so that they can fit properly in the limited space which probably does not exceed 50 centimeters in width.

Another very beneficial option in terms of shirts and sweaters, is to roll them into very thin cones. The reason is that, in this way you will make the space even more beneficial and thus taking better advantage of the nooks and crannies of your suitcase, in addition to this way you will also avoid the clothes arriving wrinkled.


What is the best way to store shirts, trousers and coats in your Travel bag?

How to pack the suitcase to save space

As for the shirts and trousers, we recommend that you first introduce the shirts, in this way you will better be able to take advantage of the spaces in the lower part of the suitcase, and then place the trousers on top, allowing the ends of the trousers to protrude minimally, then fold them back inside.

The best option to save space in the suitcase is to extend the clothes as much as possible, thus being flatter and occupying less space and volume. That is to say, to pack the clothes in layers and then to fold the ends is another one of the ways of packing the clothes in your suitcase. Another interesting trick is to button the shirts and trousers, this way you will save space and your clothes will not lose shape. Once you have the shirts and trousers in place, you can then place the jackets and coats as you need them.


How to organize your makeup bag?

Toiletry bag

Do not fill it up unnecessarily, think that if an eventuality arises you can always buy what you need at your destination. We recommend you take only what is necessary and in small sizes, avoid large containers in shampoo, gel, perfumes...
Women should choose between their multiple makeup products, so we recommend the basic makeup kit, which consists of powder base, eye pencil, mascara and a lipstick, which can also be used as a blusher.

Instead of using a bag that takes up a lot of space, we recommend you put your cosmetic products in separate bags, which you can store in the zippered pockets that most suitcases have and thus save a lot of space in your carry-on luggage.


Other tips to pack and better organise your luggage:

Tricks to pack your Travel bag

- Do not wait until the last moment to pack your suitcase, as you will have more chances of forgetting something, it is better to do it in advance.

- Choose clothes that can be easily combined with each other, thus reducing the total amount of clothes you need.

-Store the clothes in vacuum bags. It is a very effective trick, because if you take away the air you reduce the volume and then you can pack more clothes into the same space.

- Take microfiber towels instead of conventional towels, since they occupy less, dry quicker and are lighter.

-Fold jackets and blazers inside out as they wrinkle less.

-Place belts in the inside of shirt collars, saving space and keeping the collars in shape.

-Use zip closing bags to store dirty clothes, this way you will avoid bad smells.

-To organize your jewellery in your perfect travel bag, use a small fabric bag that can be closed with a knot, or a small towel in which to introduce your beads (without mixing them together) and once these are wrapped in the towel insert them in one of the pockets of the suitcase, to be well protected.

-Before closing the suitcase check your travel list, also checking that you have everything, chargers, money, documents, in this way you will not forget anything for your destination.


If you have followed all our recommendations to make the perfect suitcase for your Easter trip, all that is left is sitting on the suitcase and closing the zipper.

If you're still unsure, where to go for Easter? Remember that you already have your suitcase ready and our Hotel Servigroup Montiboli is the ideal paradise for you to enjoy your well-deserved break.


Do you dare to come? We look forward to your opinions on the preparation of the perfect Easter suitcase on our social networks...

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