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Santana, the legendary guitarist will give a concert in Alicante

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The summer season is here and the city becomes more animated; In summer it is lovely to be able to enjoy the terraces, the ice creams, the chats with friends and the endless outdoor summer nights.

With the arrival of the heat, comes much joy, the desire to do things, attend events, live the streets and meet with family and friends, so every summer we look forward to the long-awaited summer agenda full of great events for you to look forward to and enjoy.

And it is a specific event that we are going to talk about and for which you should mark the date in your calendar in red, due to its importance and that it is a unique event that will take place in the city of Alicante.

We are specifically talking about the concert of the legendary guitarist Santana, who will present on the 7th of August from 22.30, at the Bull Ring in Alicante, his Tour 2018 Divination, an event for all audiences that you really cannot miss.


Santana, guitarist: A living legend

Santana in the 70's in San Francisco

Mexican guitarist and composer Carlos Santana founded in 1960 in San Francisco, California, his own band called Santana, a pioneer band in fusing Latin music (so fashionable today) with rock. Santana is considered, according to Rolling Stone magazine, one of the 100 best guitarists of all time along with other greats such as Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton or Chuck Berry, and has been awarded more than 10 Grammy awards.

In 1969 his band participated in the Woodstock Art and Music Festival and were one of the festival's surprises, his 11-minute instrumental theme Soul Sacrifice was included in the film and the soundtrack of the famed festival.

Santana's music is a mixture of cultures and styles, influenced by his passion for Miles Davis, BB King, Javier Bátiz, Gábor Szabó, Jimi Hendrix, Tito Puente, Rolling Stones or The Beatles ... where jazz, blues, salsa and rock ... give way to a new unmistakable style; the Santana style.

In 1970 the band released their second album Abraxas with a more refined style, where you could find hits such as Oye como va or Black Magic Woman / Gipsy Queen which took the band to the No. 1 position in the charts for more than 6 consecutive weeks. In 1972 the band released their third album called Santana III, in which you could find great songs like Everybody's Everything and No One to Depend On that were also Nº1 on the charts.

In the early 70's Santana became more spiritual, in the album Welcome where you can notice the influences of jazz fusion with meditation. In 76 they returned with a force, including new members and with a sound of a mix between funk and Latin, with its subject Dance sister dance and Europe the world of rock returned to bow at his feet.

Santana with his beloved guitar

In the 1980s, Santana paid homage to its rocker origins, creating the soundtrack for the iconic film La Bamba based on the life of the singer Ritchie Valens, a soundtrack that will be in everyone's memory forever

But if there is something that Santana has always liked to do it is surround himself with friends, during the 80's the artist enjoyed frequent collaborations with musicians, singers, groups and bands like John Lee Hooker or the singer Salif Keita. He has also reunited with his old bandmates on his record Viva Santana.

In the 90's, he released his successful album Supernatural with collaborations from young artists of the music scene of the moment, such as Eric Clapton, Rob Thomas, Maná or Lauren Hill, this album has been the most successful from a commercial point of view, reaching the top of the Billboard list for 12 weeks and winning many awards including 9 Grammys.

The year 2000 was also important in the life of the artist, as he collaborated with the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, in his song Whatever Happens from the album Invincible, also with the Colombian singer Shakira on her album Oral Fixation Vol. 2, likewise the guitarist and composer released his new album All that I Am with collaborations from Steven Tyler leader of Aerosmith, Kirk Hammett of the enigmatic band Metallica, also with the producer Will.i.am ... the list of collaborations of this guitar virtuoso is very extensive , all the great personalities of music want to play with him, from Gloria Estefan to José Feliciano, passing through Eros Ramazzotti, ACDC ... and all due to his wizardry with a guitar; his favorite being the Paul Reed Smith.

He has reunited with his old bandmates again, now with Gregg Rolie, Michael Carabello, Michael Shrieve and Nealk Schones he has released his album Santana IV and is going on tour.


Divination Tour 2018

Performance of Carlos Santana

We are in luck, as on August 7th we can enjoy a spectacular concert in the Bull ring Alicante; this will definitely be the summer concert.

Santana arrives in Alicante with his Divination 2018 tour, and we will be able to see one of the three unique concerts he will be giving in Spain. The first appointment with the artist is in Alicante, then on August 9th in Fuengirola and on August 11th in Peralada.

A tour together with the old members of his band and with which he will travel all over the world from South Africa, Canada, Poland, through Finland, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Italy...

On the Divination Tour you will find one of the best shows from the artist, where lights and music will transport you, thanks to the mix of rock, soul, jazz, funk, Latin rhythms ... and even with the incorporation of new rhythms such as rap or reggae; nothing is impossible for this virtuoso of the guitar that makes us dream with his mix of world music and varied rhythms; a unique style, a personal stamp characteristic of the famous guitarist.

At the concert of Santana in Alicante you will listen to his great successes, it will be a very lively show in which you will not stop moving and dancing to the songs of yesterday, today and forever, of this great artist who at 70 is still at the top of his game, showing his gift in the best stages in the world.

The best hits from Carlos Santana's repertoire with songs such as Samba pa ti, Jin-go-lo-ba, Evil Ways, Mona Lisa, Maria Maria, Corazón Espinado or Smooth, you can listen to them live at their concert in Alicante, so don’t wait any longer and book your tickets now, do not miss the most anticipated event of the summer in Alicante.


This August enjoy the night with this amazing concert given by the pioneer in the fusion, of rock and Latin rhythms on the 7th in Alicante; make a date and attend as you will undoubtedly spend a great evening with the soundtrack of your life.

Don’t stop the rhythm!

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