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Experience the performing arts at the Principal Theater of Alicante

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Part of the purest essence of Alicante’s culture on all levels, are the great plays, the glamorous musicals and operas, and also other types of performances that are frequently shown at the Principal Theater of Alicante. It is undoubtedly, an authentic form of artistic expression, that represents the most creative and intellectual side of this magnificent city in the South of the Valencian Community.

The Hotel Montíboli and the Theater

The Alicante Theater, at the same time allows you to enjoy some great works belonging to different genres. Amazing representations, which are available to the public 365 days a year.

Alicante Theater Program

For these coming months, the Hotel Servigroup Montíboli, offers you a short summary of Alicante's Principal Theater program, which we will put at your disposal in case you decide to enjoy the best works and interpretations during your getaway days to Villajoyosa.

The Principal theater of Alicante offers and presents an incredible amount of variation during the months of February and March, all with the intention of allowing you to enjoy the most artistic side that characterizes the city.


The Troubadour, by Giuseppe Verdi

The Troubadour in Alicante Theatre

If you are excited about the opera, we offer you a date with the famous Verdi at the Theatre Principal in Alicante.

The Troubadour challenges you with masterful staging, combined with a musical direction and exceptional scenery. A ship captained respectively by Martin Mázic and Roberta Mattelli.

It is also one of the most represented works by Verdi and most praised by the public. In fact, the same composer repeatedly claimed that it was his most recognized opera and accepted on all levels.

The tragic plot takes place in Spain the fifteenth century, mixing resentment and revenge, with a beautiful, while complicated love story in the style of master Shakespeare.

Represented in four acts, The Troubadour has as a trigger, the burning at the stake of a gypsy woman who is wrongly accused of bewitching the son of a powerful Earl. An undeserved condemnation that is the starting point of a revenge that will entail serious errors and disastrous consequences years later. It is a love story tragically entwined in a triangle, which without doubt, will move you.

This is your great opportunity to enjoy Verdi's Troubadour at the Alicante Theater. A date not to be missed, which takes place on Friday, March 9th at 8:30 p.m.


El Verí del Teatre, by Rodolf Sirera

El Verí del Teatre in Alicante

Joan Peris directs this legendary work by Rodolfo Sirera, which still, in the 21st century, continues to fill the halls inside and outside our borders.

Two characters, five episodes and a much more elaborate set design than in previous performances, show the audience a game of suspense, in which references to classical philosophy play an essential role. All this in an eighteenth century in which social stereotypes have an incalculable weight in society.

But one of the most characteristic aspects, while watching El Verí del Teatre, is perhaps the invitation to the spectator to reflect on the society of the time, making you at the same time an indisputable active participant of the work.

Verí del Teatre is about an eighteenth-century French actress who is commissioned to play a character in a play, about the death of the philosopher Socrates. But what seems at first a simple offer, soon becomes something much darker and with hidden intentions.

The Verí del Teatre will be shown this weekend at the Theatre Principal in Alicante (Friday 16th at 20:30), and represented in its original version in Catalan.


Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof in Alicante

If there is any work by Tennessee Williams, whose interpretative value has always been decisive in each of the versions that have been taken to the theater, it has to be Cat on a Tin Roof.

Directed this time by Amelia Ochandiano, and masterfully performed by Begoña Maestre, Andreas Muñoz and veteran Juan Diego, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (this is the theatrical version), this offers an authentic family drama with jealousy, rivalries, ambition and death all of which are present at all times. In this way, the audience manages to be moved, once again, with extreme ease by many of the issues exposed, so typical today, as it was in the middle of the last century.

It consists of an authentic family drama that revolves around the 70th birthday of the patriarch of a high-class family, which offers as backdrop a situation of disputes and rivalries. But at the heart of this harrowing story lies a daughter-in-law with character, whose ambitions move away from the material and superficial, unlike most of the characters in this drama, and who at the same time tries to survive the disdain and resentment of a husband who refuses to leave his decadent state of alcoholism.

This masterpiece of literature, which in turn represents the interpretation in capital letters by one of the most iconic and legendary characters of the universal theater Maggie the Cat, will be available at the Principal Theater in Alicante on the 23rd and 24th of February, at 8pm and at 6pm respectively.


Letters of love

Letters of Love in the Theatre of Alicante

On the weekend of March, the 2nd and 3rd, the last work of David Serrano will take place. It is about Letters of Love, a work also starring two great names of Spanish interpretation. This is Julia Gutiérrez Caba and Miguel Rellán, who will play the role of Mellissa and Andrew, a couple who live a love between postcards and memories. An attraction that begins in its earliest youth, and that continues to the fullness of maturity.

Letters of Love is a true portrait of the decline of the American upper class, using as a background a love story that lasts a lifetime. But at the same time, it is a faithful adaptation of an original work that deservedly won the Pulitzer Prize thirty years ago.

If you enjoy intense dramas and love stories, do not miss this beautiful story.



Carmen in the Theatre of Alicante

You also have the opportunity to see the most impressive work of Eduardo Lao in ballet version. Which is Carmen, the story of an authentic femme fatal who has been taken on several occasions to the big screen (Luis Buñuel, Vicente Aranda...) but also to the realm of the purest and most authentic drama, now it is the turn of ballet.

With an impressive choreography designed by Víctor Ullate, we are again portraying the story of one of the most legendary and strongest female characters in Spanish literature of all time.

This work talks of a woman ahead of her time, and cloistered in a society that denies her what she screams for. For all this, Carmen becomes an ambiguous character who lives parallel lives, showing society what is asked of her, and the other responding to the life she wants to live.

Carmen will be performed on Saturday the10th of March at 8pm, in the Principal Theatre of Alicante.


If you are passionate about the performing arts, or simply just that you want to go to the theater, the Hotel Montiboli will be able to offer you the full programming for the Principal Theatre of Alicante so you can enjoy it in a big way.

But whether you choose the theater or not, we will continue to welcome you at the Hotel Montíboli.

See you soon!!

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