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Today we present you with a new challenge. Do you dare to paddle surf?

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You have probably heard about this fun water sport and do not know exactly what it is. But in reality, paddle surfing is one of those water sports, that has gained in popularity over the past few years.

Paddle Surf with waves

Perhaps because it’s fun to practice in the warmer months, and is suitable for all ages, paddle surfing has been become the fastest growing sport and not just for the “Brave” a great activity that can be shared by all the family.

In addition, paddle surfing is a low impact sport for gaining muscle strength and toning the upper and lower body. It also optimizes the natural balance reflexes. Burn calories whilst having fun under the sun.

Surrounding the Hotel Montíboli, we have some magnificent beaches where paddle surfing is practiced the whole year round. Therefore, if you have stayed with us before, you will have surely seen people paddle surfing on their boards on your way to the beach.


What exactly is paddle surf?

Paddle Surf for beginners

When we speak of paddle surfing, we refer to a sport in which you stand on a paddle board in the water and use a paddle to move.

The so-called paddle surfing or SUP (stand-up paddle surfing), can be practiced in the sea, rivers and lakes.

And although it is considered one of the most fastest growing sports of the 21st century, it all began in the early 60s when some Hawaiian surf instructors began to using canoe paddles to move over the water during their classes at the well-known Waikiki beach.

But paddle surfing is inspired by a Polynesian past in which the tribes made use of narrow boats to fish.

The main difference between a stand-up paddle and a surf board is the use of a paddle and that you do not necessarily need waves to practice it.


Types of Paddle Surf

Types of Paddle Surf

Paddle surf can be practiced in different ways. Some variants that entail different types of boards and in some cases, different types of paddles. Let’s see what they are:

  • SUP Surf

It is practiced when there are waves, and consists of standing on the paddle board and paddling until a wave arrives.

For the practice of SUP surfing, a rigid board is always recommended for greater stability, especially if the waves are of considerable magnitude, and a quality lightweight paddle being the most comfortable to use.

  • Cruising Paddle Surf

It consists of the most flexible form of paddle surf, and is recommended for all ages, as well as being perfect for beginners.

In this case, the paddle board should be large and wide, as this provides a much easier and stable ride.

  • River Paddle Surf

This is a variant that we would only recommend to more advanced users. Leisurely cruise down the river, personal protection and a helmet are advisable due to unpredictable river currents.

  • Paddel surf XXL

Consists of several people climbing on a large inflatable board, as wide and long as possible. This is perhaps one of the most fun ways to practice paddle surfing, and very popular with holidaymakers that are looking for fun day in the sea.

  • Paddle surf RACE

This consists of Racing in the open sea, make use of a light, long and narrow board, and preferably carbon paddle, due to its lightness.

Making use of creativity, some people paddle surf by adding a foil underneath the board, the take-off process of this type of board is the same as that of surfing. This modality is known as Paddle surf foil. Yoga has also come to merge with this sport, the practice of SUP yoga consists of doing different yoga poses on a paddle board achieving flexibility and coordination and this is known as paddle surf yoga.


Paddle surf boards

Types of Paddle Surf boards

Boards can be rigid or inflatable: in this case rigid paddle boards are more stable and safer, although inflatables have the advantage as they can be carried as a backpack without carrying the weight of the board in the car and then to the beach, in addition to the price, which is considerably lower.

The weight of the person using the board is also an important factor, a larger person will typically require a longer and wider board. When choosing a paddle board, you have to consider the type of paddling you need it for, your body type, and your abilities.


Paddle Surf Paddles

Types of Paddle Surf Paddles

It’s important to grip your paddle shoulder width apart, then dip the Blade fully into the water and take a long stroke

If you are going to start paddle surfing, we recommend you start with an adjustable paddle (the paddles can be adjustable or fixed). Once you get the hang of it then there are a vast number of options to choose from, just find which is most suitable for you.

The paddles can be made of wood, carbon and aluminium. The latter are some what heavier and uncomfortable, despite their low price; the wooden ones are more attractive to look at but weigh a lot more and deteriorate easily. Therefore, regardless of your level, we recommend carbon paddles, since they weigh a lot less and last a lot longer.


Now you know a little more regarding this sport, why not get started?

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