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New Year’s resolutions of the Hotel Montíboli

During the Christmas period with parties, celebrations and various other events, we also have moments of reflection.

With the arrival of the New Year, we usually take stock of the year that has just gone by, and think about how we would like the new year ahead to develop. Moments of reflection when we think of the all our fulfilled wishes, and those that we still would like to be fulfilled. Since we have a whole year for our New Year’s resolutions, to make our dreams come true, improve, be happy and make others happy too.

Wishes for 2019

2018 has been a very special year for us, as we celebrated our 50th Anniversary with you. And although we are another year older, we still feel young at heart, with thousands of ideas, wishes and dreams to fulfill and hopefully to come true.

Therefore, here you are our list of purposes for this 2019, a year that we wish to be fantastic for all.


10 Wishes for the New Year 2019

  1. Taking more care of ourselves: We are making improvements in our hotel, to look more attractive, comfortable and inviting. Our commitment is to keep in perfect condition.
  2. Feed ourselves better: Using high quality products to offer only the best and most exquisite food, taking into account the goodness nature’s healthy products have to offer us, the correct storage and conservation of all products, which enable us to prepare delicious fusions a melody of products, savoring the cuisine to a 5-star standard.
  3. Rest: We lead busy life’s, it is important from time to time to take time out for ourselves, to rest and relax. We seek your wellbeing, enjoy our Spa by the sea that will transmit maximum relaxation. Also, our beauty treatments will make you shine after pampering your skin. We will take care of everything, to guarantee your rest and comfort. We will be the relaxing cure for your body and mind.
  4. To spend more time with friends: We want to give you a warm welcome, and offer you our hospitality, we will pay the utmost attention during your stay, for you to spend an unforgettable time during your visit, memories that we will never forget.
  5. Make those around us happy: With surprises, affection, pampering, love, and paying the greatest attention to detail.
  6. Make new friends: Who has a friend has a treasure, so this year we propose to take care of our friends and make new friends. Friends who bring us well-being, enrich our lives and offer us new exciting experiences to share.
  7. Do different things: New experiences to do, live, know and recommend during your visit.
  8. Fight for a better world: We try to reduce our carbon footprint, by choosing quality and seasonal products close by to us.
  9. Help the planet: By recycling and caring more of our vegetation, collaborating with the cleaning of our beaches and their sea beds. We chose an ecological friendly atmosphere to benefit the long-term of our planet earth.
  10. Smile: Smile even more if possible, for who we are, for our achievements and for our life’s trajectory, for an exciting future. And because smiling is very beneficial for our health. Smiling makes us release endorphins and makes us feel good, it helps us to be more pleasant, it is good for your skin, it balances our mood and improves our digestion system, but the most important thing, it makes us live longer. So, here is to a long and happy life! 

These are our wishes and New Year’s resolutions for 2019, a year that is a new beginning, a new way ahead full of new illusions. We hope to make the most out of the coming year.


And what are your New Year’s resolutions?

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