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From Manuel García
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Some years ago, Spanish restaurants were on the crest of the gastronomic wave. The great chefs who have emerged from behind the stoves of the Basque Country, Catalonia and Alicante, have evolved or revolutionized Spanish cuisine to levels hardly imaginable just 25 or 30 years ago.

Our chef Jean Marc

The effort, dedication, imagination and time invested are highly commendable, and each of our great chefs, with their different visions of culinary art is a pioneering force which has definitely put Spanish food on the map.

In its hotel-gastronomic version things have gone a similar way, with a variety of hotels which have pursued recognition, and over the years through their own sheer tenacity and effort have finally been placed at the highest gastronomic level, achieving that recognition, along with others that have also managed to achieve the same by hiring chefs from the top of the culinary industry.

Although this might sound a little pretentious and it is more than likely that gastronomic critics will consider me as ignorant in these matters, but I would like to give my personal opinion regarding this topic.

Our dishes

A few months ago I heard, and rightly so, that restaurants, and in particular those of hotels, had to be democratized in order to be within the reach of a much wider spectrum of public and at the same time returning to traditional values by using local and regional products; That way making them affordable to the general public and also be making them more profitable, which with the pretensions of "Haut niveau" is not so viable.

This does not mean that we should fall into vulgarity in hotel restaurants, as a lot of work and money have been invested to get to us where we are today, but it is very important to offer customers what they want when they visit us, Instead of imposing dishes which are  too sophisticated, in some cases are not understood!

Our chef in the hotel

Over the years we have taken note and valued our guest’s opinions, offering only the best local produce from the region of Alicante, and the quality of food is of utmost importance.

Bon Appetite.

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