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The film festival returns to Alfaz del Pi

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It’s nearly 30 years that Alfaz del Pi have been celebrating the Film Festival, an event that in a few days will transform with all its glamor, this picturesque and interesting neighboring town of Benidorm.

Once again, the main streets will be covered with the red carpet passing from the classic Cine Roma, along to the Casa de Cultura de Alfaz del Pi, where you will find a most varied list of films, as well as other events scheduled over these 9 days.

Official Poster of the Alfaz del Pi Film Festival

This prestigious Alicante festival will have a fundamental objective this year, the promotion of films made and produced in Spain, although it will also feature the most significant European cinema and the best films in original subtitled versions.

To this end, the main focus will be a carefully chosen selection of short films where there will be three fundamental awards and a series of awards given for their different categories, as well as the honorary Silver Lighthouses of the Alfaz del Pi Film Festival.

This great cultural event will begin next Friday 7th July, and will run until Sunday the 16th, which is when the festival will end.

During these days, the Alfaz del Pi Cine Roma, as well as the films that are screened in the Social Center of Altea and the beach of Albir will once again give its spotlight to the walk of stars (Albir) through which will parade once again a great number of artists.

El Cine Roma in Alfaz del Pi

It will be the twenty-ninth festival to be held in Alfaz del Pi, which again for another year has the unconditional support of the Provincial Council of Alicante.

The festival will begin on Friday 7th July and will be accompanied by a big party in which the swing dances will put their elegant touch on the event, at the hands of the Swing Peaks, in true the La La Land style.

Swing Peaks at the Alfaz del Pi Film Festival

Other parallel activities such as the Balconades (Balcony displays) will also be highlighted, in which there will be a related exhibition of photographs that will recall the past 29 years of this festival; The Concert of Music from Films in the Main Square of Alfaz del Pi; The Wine Route, where all the secrets on how to build an ideal wine speech through the film will be told (10th July at the Casa Culture of Alfaz del Pi)

There will also be a prominent Exhibition of Short films at the Social Center of Altea, such as El Vestido, Lucrecia and Epidemia will be exhibited (11th and 12th July) between sections of short films directed by women, local short films and Valencian short films, all outside the competition.


Short films in the competition

Judges of the Film Festival of Alfaz del Pi

This year we find among our short films selected from the Alfaz Film Festival, varied and complete themes. Thus, some new directors will compete with other directors who are already authentic masters of the Spanish film industry, such as Daniel Sánchez Arévalo and Rodrigo Sorogoyen.

With very different themes, among the 17 selected short films we will find true homages to the human conscience, the role plays, the mystery and the deepest feelings of the human being, seen in several cases from the innocent eyes of a child. Ainhoa and Cheimaphobia are two of the short films that make use of a children's theme that usually reach into the hearts of the public, and which in turn is often the target of many of the awards that presented in different festivals and film galas.


In addition to these two short film candidates for the three big prizes, you can enjoy another 15 that surely will make for a very exciting gala. These pieces, among which there are producers who compete with more than one production, will be divulged before the awards ceremony:

  • Ainhoa, directed by Iván Sainz Pardo

  • Basura, directed by Alberto Macasoli

  • Andrómeda, directed by Luis Reneo

  • Cachorro, directed by Sergio Martínez

  • Cheimaphobia, directed by Daniel Sánchez Arévalo

  • La Puta y el cliente (Rol), directed by Hammudi Al-Rahmoun

  • Corazón, directed by Sergio Martínez

  • Haloperidol, directed by José Manuel Carrasco

  • Lethe, directed by Eric Romero

  • Madre, directed by Rodrigo Sorogoyen

  • Ni una sola línea, directed by Víctor Díaz Somoza

  • Normal, dirigida por Chiqui Carabante

  • Tabib, directed by Carlos D’ursi

  • Un buen amigo, directed by Bernardo Hernández

  • Una casa en el campo, directed by Chiqui Carabante

  • Vernon Walks, directed by Santiago Zannou

  • Vida en Marte, dirigida por José Manuel Carrasco


Feature films at the Alfaz del Pi Film Festival

You will have at your disposal all kinds of productions in this festival, which both in Spanish and in the original version will be screened throughout the different sessions of exhibition. The festival will offer you a varied choice in which you should not miss titles like Moonlight, Dress, The Innocents, and some classics like Women on the verge of breakdown and Love of man.


Conversations with Spanish Cinema

This year, the Film Festival opens a new section where you will be able to interact with those responsible for a series of films that will be shown at the Cine Roma. After the screenings will be a debate in which you can ask the questions you want to your artistic teams. Among these outstanding productions, you will find some fascinating titles such as Collar de Sal (Necklace of salt), Amar (Love), No sé decir adiós (I don’t know how to say goodbye) and Pieles (Skin).


Cinema by the Sea

La La Land on the Albir Beach

For three nights Albir beach will once again be the scene of three great cinematographic works, two of which are already authentic jewels of Spanish cinema: A monster comes to see me, from J.A. Bayona, and 1898 The last of the Philippines, by Salvador Calvo, will be screened on the 7th and 8th of July on the beach of

Alfaz del Pi. On the other hand, it will be the successful and award winning La La Land that closes this popular Film Festival by the Sea of Alfaz del Pi on Sunday 9th of July.

The winners of the 2016 Alfaz del Pi Film Festival

Winners Alfaz del Pi Film Festival 2016

Last year, the short film winner was the popular Timecode, a production directed by Juanjo Giménez, which conquered the jury by an original story in which the drama was mixed with the art of dance, and in which an unexpected end left Critics open-mouthed and the public wanting more. In fact, it is the first time that a previously awarded short film at the Alfaz del Pi Film Festival went on to the Hollywood Oscars, although it finally had to wait at the gates for this most longed-for statue.Timecode was also awarded at the festival with the award for Best Screenplay.

The second and third prize fell into the hands of Zero (David Victori) and Not the End (Brothers Alenda) respectively. Zero also received the Best Director award.

The award for Best Actor Ex Aequo went to Javier Rey for Not the End, while the best Actresses Ex Quo were Laia Costa and Maria León for Do not take me away and Not the End. The prize for Best Photography went to Isaac Vila for his short film Graffiti.

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Images courtesy Alfáz del Pi Film Festival

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