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Something different for Spanish Father's Day

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Spanish Father's Day is a very special day, a day of celebration. Normally families meet up to spend time together and enjoy good company.

It is to show appreciation, we know that our fathers protect us, take care of us, give us love, teach us, be by our side and a host of other things that fathers do... it is a day in which we give thanks and where we can just enjoy family fun.

Whether you are a first-time father or if this is not your first year as a parent, we are sure that you would welcome this important date with great emotion. For that reason, we want to offer you some ideas so that you can surprise your family, or that they surprise you, with an alternative plan for Father's Day.

19th of march Spanish Father’s Day

In the Province of Valencia, this date is three times special; On the one hand, it is Father's Day (same date in Spain every year), on the other hand, Saint Joseph’s day is celebrated and finally it is the time of Fallas, this fiesta is enjoyed in a very special way in the region. A day that is usually celebrated with a lot of fireworks, joy, excitement and thunder. It is very typical to stay with the family, to enjoy an aperitif and admire the exceptional pyrotechnic show of the great mascletá (fire crackers) before all going to eat together.

Therefore, we want to combine the three festivities and offer you a route of the best mascletás to celebrate Father's Day. If you have never seen a mascletá it will certainly impress you, if you go with children do not forget to take protection (ear plugs) for them as the sound can reach 120 decibels, and if you have already attended this unique show maybe you would also enjoy these recommendation of the best mascletás for San José /Saint Joseph’s day, establish a beautiful family tradition in which each year you select one of these proposals and enjoy it with your loved ones; Do not forget that it is important to create beautiful memories, so that your family can always cherish them.

Very close to our hotels in Benidorm you will find three fallas (effigies) that every year host an incredible mascletá, these are held in different areas of the town. Falla Els Tolls, located on Tomás Ortuño Street, Falla Rincón de Loix, located on Avd. Ametlla de Mar on the corner of Avd. De Madrid, and Falla Benidorm Centro, located on the Gambo Street, corner of Triangular Square, on March 19th the Festival of San José, with some extraordinary pyrotechnic shows, are without a doubt a good plan to enjoy this spectacular show of gunpowder and the delicious town of skyscrapers.

Another great option to celebrate Father's Day in a different way is to visit Calpe and attend its unique mascletá at 2:00 pm. Feel the great atmosphere of its streets and terraces, enjoy an aperitif as a family by the sea, just a recommendation to think about, after watching this amazing pyrotechnic show, an event that appeals to both adults and the little ones of the house.

You can also choose other towns around Alicante, where you can enjoy the Father's Day festivities and the rhythmic sounds of mascletás such as Denia, Pego, Oliva and Jávea. Also, in the province of Valencia we recommend you attend those of Gandía, Játiva, Alzira and Torrente which are other interesting options to contemplate.

But definitely if there is a mascletá you must visit at least once in your life, it is the Plaza del Ayuntamiento in Valencia. The most powerful, joyful and multitudinous mascletá, celebrated on Father's Day in the Fallas of Valencia. We recommend that you to go in advance to get a good place and to be able to enjoy with your family one of the most impressive pyrotechnic shows in the world.


So, we can only congratulate you and hope you enjoy these original family plans that are based on fire crackers, light, colour and sound.

It is impossible to go to a mascletá and not feel its greatness and more so in good company. Create a bond difficult to forget and enjoy a... Happy Father's Day!

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