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The Finca (Estate) El Clot: An example of Organic Farming.

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For almost 20 years, Hotel Servigroup Montíboli has received the best products from a large estate which over the years has become an essential food source for Servigroup hotels, in particular for hotels in Benidorm and especially for Our Hotel Servigroup Montíboli.

The Finca El Clot, is a 10-hectare farmland, which also includes 14,000 square meters of greenhouses where we work with the best methods of organic farming.

Varied food in the Hotel Montíboli

Although the farm was formerly dedicated exclusively to the production of oranges and lemons, it currently has an extensive and careful selection of products, always using the best techniques of organic farming, among which are squash, cabbage, Cauliflower, aubergine, broccoli, oak leaf lettuce, tangerine, watermelon, melon, pepper, cucumber and basil.

The lemons for the Hotel Montíboli

With Servigroup stepping up to the plate with regards to the El Clot Estate, extraordinary greenhouses were created in which tomatoes of incredible quality began being developed. An extraordinary product that you will find in those delicious salads which are prepared for you in the Restaurant Emperador Hotel Montíboli.

Greenhouses at the Estate El Clot

At all times using the constant practice of ecological cultivation techniques, free of pesticides and sulphates and using only natural compost.

The El Clot Farm also has its own olive trees, used for the production of the best olive oil.

Oil La Finca El Clot


Winners of the traditional Villajoyosa Pumpkin and vegetable competition

Pumpkin competition in Villajoyosa

In July, The El Clot farm presented one of its best pieces to compete among a large number of pumpkins. A contest that was held in the well-known square of the Practitioner Miguel Ortuño, and was organized by the Department of Agriculture at the Villajoyosa town hall.

The competition, whose main purpose was to perpetuate the local pumpkin, was led by a panel composed of 8 experts, all of them people with  of wide relevance in the field of agriculture, among which were several members of the Municipal Agrarian Council.

It was perhaps the characteristic green color, its abundance in flesh, or the morphological characteristics that make our pumpkin the ideal ingredient for a traditional stew, could be the reasons why the El Clot farm turned out to be the great winner of the contest.

The jury took into account characteristics such as colour, shape, size, smell of the pieces, also the seeds and the pumpkin flower.

All the pumpkins had to have a weight that varied between the 4 and 6kg.

What is a fact, is that at our Hotel Servigroup Montíboli we take into account at all times, your food, and for that reason we always provide the most healthy and natural produce.

Natural products at the Hotel Montíboli

It is the reason why the highest quality products come to the kitchen of the Hotel Montíboli. The purpose, is for you to feel like you are in your own home during your holiday.


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