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Art and culture at the Montiboli

From Juan J. Fuentes
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Art and culture have always been an essential part of the character of our hotel, like the fundamental pillars that define us. For this reason, we have been able to share with you important and interesting cultural events at the hotel.    

As you may have seen, on certain occasions we have transformed the Hotel Servigroup Montiboli into an authentic art gallery so you can experience and enjoy art and culture in its different forms.  

In this publication we are going to focus on a more general overview, however, in forthcoming editions, we will discuss in depth more specific topics: literary events, art exhibitions, etc.


Artwork at the Montiboli

Wth regards to artwork, several of our salons are usually assigned to the most outstanding artists of the Alicante Province, where they can exhibit their work throughout several days. Therefore, whether or not you are residing at the hotel, should you coincide with us at any forthcoming art exhibitions you will be able to enjoy the most outstanding works of art by these well-known artists.

However, it is not necessary for you to wait for any of these events to enjoy  the most spectacular paintings that we have displayed around different areas of the establishment, such as the most popular works by the painter Dupiereux.

Art exhibitions


Literature is another constant feature that defines the enriched and varied ambience that we have, therefore, if you are a regular guest at the hotel, it is very likely that you have held in your hands one of the editions of our literary competition DO NOT DISTURB, of which there has already been held six considerably successful editions.

Literary competition DO NOT DISTURB

Another unmissable chapter in regards to Literature at the Hotel Montiboli is the presence of different round tables dedicated to the poet Miguel Hernández, the classic writer from Orihuela who was and continues to be an undisputed factor of Spanish literatue and Alicante culture. In fact, in Orihuela the house of the poet is conserved with excellent conditions, and it’s become one of the most characteristic museums of the city.

Museum Miguel Hernández

It is the privileged location of this picturesque 5 star Hotel that makes it the ideal setting to merge classical art and avent-garde with absolute rest and relaxation. In fact, you yourself can take in this cultural ambience which is always present in every corner of the hotel.

Views from the sea

As we anticípate that art and culture may be of great interest to you, we will continue to keep you informed in advance about all the cultural events that we will be incorporating at the Hotel Servigroup Montiboli, by means of this new blog

We’ll be waiting for you…!!

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