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Ten top 10 bridal wear trends for 2018

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The world of weddings is changing and nowadays weddings not only take place during a specific time of the year, they are now celebrated throughout all seasons so you can find spring, summer, autumn and winter weddings.

Wedding dresses can be adapted to the different seasons, to the different types of ceremonies (civil weddingsreligious ceremonies) and to the different styles and preferences of the brides. Brides who want dresses that make them stand out, make them feel beautiful, comfortable, modern and liberated.

Beach Weddings in Alicante

Today’s modern, independant brides reflect this not only in their choice of dress, but also in their choice of wedding venue, therefore, we know that the Hotel Servigroup Montíboli is the perfect place to celebrate your dream wedding.

So, if you are getting married this year or are thinking about getting married, we have the latest trends in 2018 wedding dresses, so that you can be yourself and choose between the suggestions that we have prepared for you, based on the latest bridal shows from the leading bridal wear designers.


1. Tulle wedding gowns

Romantic wedding dress

Choosing a wedding dress is always a complex decision, but you will find styles that will be just right for you, such as using tulle fabric in your gown, one of the favoured fabrics for this season, which will add romance and elegance as well as a bold and daring touch.

For 2018, the trends are wedding dresses with a tulle skirt, short tulle skirts, long tulle skirts, mermaid style wedding gowns, this fabric is not just for ballerinas, this year it is also ideal for your bridal look.


2. Short wedding dresses

Informal short wedding dress

Short wedding dresses are the ideal choice for informal brides and civil ceremonies, short wedding dresses are available in many styles, ankle length, tea length or knee length.

This style of dress gives a more youthful quality and tends to be lighter and more comfortable to wear making it ideal for dancing and partying in. Short vintage wedding dresses are also becoming popular and allow you to show off your beautiful bridal shoes.


3. Lace wedding dresses

Lace wedding dress

What would romantic brides do without lace? Throughout history, this fabric has been one of the most used for bridal wear, due to being a material that suits many brides tastes.

Lace is a delicate, elaborate fabric, exquisitely embroided with details. Lace such as guipure or blonde lace make brides look very delicate. The aforementioned textile can be seen on necklines, back details, sleeves, main body or on full length lace wedding dresses.

Other leading trends on the rise in lace bridal gowns for 2018, are backless lace wedding dresses.


4. Coloured wedding dresses

Modern wedding dress

Wedding dresses with colour are trendy, we will see them this year in both civil and church weddings. This season, colour will be used for both long and short dresses. The colours used for bridal gowns will vary, you will find champagne, coral, grey, peach or pale blue, although the trend for wedding dresses with a hint of colour is another option for brides that want to add something special to their white bridal gown, adding little touches of colour (black, maroon, green) to make their wedding dress a bit different.


5. Wedding dresses with ruffles

Ruffled wedding dress

If you thought that ruffles were only used on flamenco dresses, you are mistaken, this year, ruffles are a must, not only for wedding dresses but also for wedding guest outfits.

Frills stand out in all styles, from simple minimalist bridal gowns with frills to the most elaborate bridal wear with pleated ruffles.

This season, we will see ruffles on collars, cuffs, necklines or peplums and in different fabrics such as lace, organza or silk crepe.


6. Off the shoulder wedding dresses

Plain wedding dress

Dreaming about your wedding dress is most common, so if your dream is an elegant wedding dress with a daring touch, an off the shoulder or Bardot neckline wedding dress (named after the actress Brigitte Bardot who made this seductive neckline popular) is the gown for you.

This style of neckline is very flattering and feminine. As well as leaving your shoulders bare you will look great wearing some striking bridal jewellery such as a necklace or drop earings.


7. Long sleeve wedding dresses

2018 Long sleeve wedding dress

If there is a 2018 wedding dress trend that stands out above others, it is the long sleeve wedding dress.

Your bridal look with this type of dress will be very elegant and flattering, it will also help define your figure and protect you from inclement weather should you decide to get married in autumn or winter.

There are all types of sleeves, long sleeve, french sleeve, three quarter length sleeves as well as flared and puff sleeves. So, without doubt, long sleeve wedding dresses will be a great success in 2018.


8. Boho Chic wedding dresses

Ibiza style wedding dress

Would you prefer an informal wedding? Is your style more alternative and bohemian? If so, a boho style wedding dress may be your favourite choice.

You will find a wide range of bohemian wedding dresses to choose from since this style is here to stay. The design of a bohemian wedding dress usually incorporates fabrics such as gauze, tulle, lace or crochet as well as  translucent fabrics and they tend to be accompanied by accessories that stand out such as fresh flowers, feathers, large items of jewellery and wild floral boquets.

This type of dress brings a romantic, delicate, care-free touch that fits perfectly for a beach wedding, a country wedding or an Ibiza style wedding.


9. Plumeti wedding dress

Plumeti tulle for brides

Over the last two seasons, plumeti has become the favourite bridal fabric for its elegance, femininity, fineness and simplicity.  This fabric is easily recognised as it is a tulle with spots or polka-dots in different sizes. Plumeti tulle is perfect for dresses, blouses, bridal veils, skirts, fascinators, shoes…      

Although this fabric is considered as classic, it has now been reinvented and many designers have used this material for making plumeti dresses with larger polka-dots and even ones in color.


10. Backless wedding dresses

Modern wedding dress

There are now wedding dresses that make the back the focus of attention instead of the neckline.

These creative wedding dresses are favourites of millennial brides and you can find this type of low cut backs in various styles, with crossover straps, buttons, in a round or v-shape. Low cut backs look great if you combine them with a bridal hairstyle such as a plait, a high ponytail or a low bun.   

Without doubt, there are many bridal wear designers that have opted for backless wedding dresses, making the brides back the centre of attention and focus of all eyes.

Montíboli beach wedding

What is clear is that, whatever type of bride you are, whatever kind of wedding dress style you choose, there is the perfect place to celebrate your wedding, the Hotel Servigroup Montíboli, your dream location where you can celebrate a wedding that suits you and your style.


Do you like our 2018 wedding dress suggestions?

See you at the Hotel Servigroup Montíboli, you just have to say… I do!

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